Sunday, August 3, 2014

Dalphee C.
Conceal mastermind
What I like in the ‘‘Hidden Intellectualism’’ by Gerald Graff is how he compares street-smarts vs. book-smarts. His arguments, knowledge can be found in our everyday life. It’s a smart choice to pursue academic education but can also gain knowledge from our peers and our surroundings, most importantly life itself is a learning process. According to this article, people are intelligent in another method or techniques. Don’t be discriminative against street-smarts because people are intellectual of what they know the best, as an example, I did not attend culinary school to become a chief but according to people comments concerning of my cooking that I have business with regardless of baby shower, wedding shower, birthday party etc.… just name it, I’ll make the dish. Food is my best special tea, because I have lots of knowledge and experience of cooking but if it is something that I would consider to pursue as a  o get back to the topic, how we tend to misjudge separate them from us those who have skills and education on something that they know how to do.                                                                            Graff point in “Hidden Intellectualism’’ school need to give need to give those street-smarts students to achieve their academic goals and embrace their potentials. There’s a lot we also can learn from street smarts that can be beneficial to book smarts also as an example Hip-Pop dances, songs,, fixing cars, lot more. Graff arguments school need to give them a chance to be a part in our society in an academically level.. Anti-intellectualism has been a sustained threat in our society for past decade Some of them are in the street not because they choose to be and they are not intellectually inferior to us, it’s just little different because of circumstances in life. As an example, Lamar Joseph Odom won two NBA championships as a member of the Los Angeles Lakers came from street smarts he made through. If school give those kids a chance they might make better choice in the long in life.                                                                Being street smarts vs. school smarts both can be beneficial in times needed. We all can make li life run smoother we can help, meet and embrace the potentials each other. That is what life is all about.

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