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Dracula journal entry

Dracula is a very interesting and fun book to read and opens the door to something so mysterious. The book gives me a better insight of what type of a character Dracula really is. I like this particular novel because I feel it is relatively easy to understand. I know the book is fiction, but the way it was written (journal entries and letters) it feels like it might have been real. The places I read the novel Dracula is usually at home while lying down and relaxing on my bed or at my computer desk next to a computer so that I can look up references or words I fully don’t comprehend. If I’m at school I usually go to the library and open up the book and start reading. When I am on the road and away from home/school I usually pull out the book on the train or bus and start reading, especially on a flight where I have enough time to read. Many times while reading Dracula there are words I don’t understand or confusing bits or a text that needs further explanation or comments, therefore I annotate. I annotate because it is a great way to organize content I read and easily go back to it and recall general themes, concepts, or plot. I usually start my annotating by highlighting important ideas or events, but when the text is too long to highlight I just use brackets to single out important paragraphs. I also, after every chapter write a short summary in my notes that sums up everything the chapter was speaking about in terms of important ideas that were discussed. I do this because when I am going on to the next chapter I want to refresh my mind of the important events that occurred in the previous chapter, so I just go back to my notes and see what the important ideas in that chapter was.
Dracula painting by Tom Carlton

Journal Entry

Bram Stoker's Dracula is very confusing but a unique novel. In order to truly understand this book, you have to have patience. When I hear the name Dracula, white teeth, a long black spooky cape, and sucking blood comes to mind. While reading Dracula, it helped me understand much more about him as a character and as a monster. Even though Dracula seems to be a little overbearing, I became more interested as I keep reading about the strange villian. Watching vampires in movies and shows like Twilight and Scooby Doo, made him more appealing to me. While reading Dracula, I would highlight and annotate to make sure I understand the reading correctly. If I find words that seem challenging to me, then I will look them up in the dictionary. Sometimes I like reading the book at home, reading it on the bus, or at school. Anywhere where I can think to myself. I ask my brother how did he feel about vampires and he told he is a big fan of the mystical being. I checked on sites like Google and Wikipedia and they always give me sources and facts of vampires. As I read on and on for each character in the book, each of them have something very unique. I imagine how the characters look and shape their physical forms in my mind. I have the novel on an audiobook, so whenever a character speaks, their voices change tone. If a female character is brought up in the book, then a high pitch voice will be heard. If a male character is introduced in the book, a low pitched manly voice will be heard. This is what keeps me entertained,when the book is being read to me, it preforms a little plays in my head. This particular novel is very long. Since I have a short attention span, I take little breaks so that I don't either fall asleep or find something that is more interesting. The scenes in each chapter have something interesting about them. I would be interested in learning even more about vampires, including Dracula.

Journal entry for Dracula

The novel Dracula is a very interesting and complex. It can open your eyes to the world of science fiction novels. Dracula is an interesting character and you can get a good insight of the issues that were taking place, during the time period the novel was written. Initially, I was really intimidated by the number of pages that were in the novel and thought it wasn’t interesting. I tried to read the novel on train home and would fall a sleep with the novel in my hand. It was a really struggle to read the novel. I created a reading schedule that I never was able to stick with. I had childhood memories of Dracula but one day I decide to research the history of the character Dracula. The information that I obtained was very interesting and it got me to read the novel more.
            After a few weeks of reading the novel, I developed a better understanding of the novel. When reading a chapter from the novel, I would look closely at every paragraph. I would ask myself, what is this paragraph trying to say? I then would look for parts that I thought were very important so I could get a better understanding of the reading. I used this technique to help me to better understand the texts. I also annotated by highlighting the text. I analyzed quotes that were thought provoking and tried to connect other texts to the ideas that were being present in the novel. This gave me a chance to look at quotes from many different angles and allowed me to see if there were any correlations between the texts.


Thursday, July 10, 2014

Journal Entry, Dracula

Dracula is the type of novel that is very complex but with time and patience it's easy to understand. By understanding Dracula I had to first remember what I already knew about Dracula. By remembering what my understanding of what Dracula is after reading the book, it added to my knowledge of Dracula. Dracula became a more appealing topic to me and I could see the connection it had to why I love watching vampire movies and horror in general. There were some parts in Dracula that other horror movies had and thats where those horrific tales started. I didn't view Dracula as an inspiration at first , I thought he was just evil. The parts I found that were confusing, I broke down the terms into bits and pieces. While reading Dracula, I thought of quotes from scenes that I felt would help me out in my essay. I annotated by highlighting the quote on my pdf version, and I analyzed it by asking questions and I answered it in my own words by using my explanation of what I thought it  was trying to say, also how its relevant so I don't forget. I read in quiet areas such as; the bus, on the LIRR, morning, night, on walks and I also ask family members of their ideas also of quotes I can't make sense of. I also go to, or google search certain words and I try to add the missing pieces. Before I use to take notes because I was taught not to write in the books, but I feel it helps a lot. All the notes are there and I don't have to remember what my thought was at the moment I read it because I jot it down. I also pretend to imagine the characters face while i'm reading so I can imagine more of what they look like. This helps me relate to the characters better and also the description of the characters make me think of people I know. To make the reading more interesting I act out the roles of the character to feel how was it like for them in whatever situation they were in. While I was reading Dracula when I got bored and tired of the novel I took mini breaks and went back with an open mind. This helped me a lot because I was still interested in the novel. After a while I started to get into the action parts of the novel. A problem with reading the  novel was that, the hard copy of the book would of been better then the pdf version on the small Ipod screen. Since Dracula turns into a bat in the novel, I labeled the picture dissecting Dracula which is a metaphor for how I broke down the novel.
Dissecting Dracula
(this is a metaphor for Dracula the novel by Bram Stoker)

Class Paraphrase of Essay #2 Assignment and Weekend Blogging

Here's our class paraphrase of the Essay #2 assignment sheet to make sure we understand what the assignment is asking and practice paraphrasing and using our everyday language in academic writing:
The reason for this portfolio is to practice analyzing a difficult reading in a way that feels a’ight. In this section, you’re not trying to prove a point with your topic. You will write, as a journal entry, how you read and understood the novel. The point of this journal entry is to show how you connect with the novel – what you’re doing while reading, where you read, how you make sense of confusing parts, etc. – and try some new ways.

Bring in two articles and relate them to a common idea in the novel. Don’t forget to summarize the articles but also show what we learn about the novel and the people that read it at the time.

Then do research on a reference used in the novel. Find a text relating to that reference and show how it fits into the novel.

At the end, write another journal about how this helped you get the idea of the book.

To finish it off we’ll use our personal blogs, team demonstrations, in-class work and join them together to create ideas and text for your essay. Feel free to pick any subject of your choice. You may also choose any other essay we did not read in our Reading Pop Culture book. Keep in mind this can be used in future work. So choose wisely!
For this weekend's homework, try to read through Chapter XX in Dracula. To continue working on Essay #2, draft the first journal entry for your portfolio, remembering to include a picture (before class on Monday), and comment on someone else' post (before Tuesday).

Questions? Quibbles? Controversies?

Jonathan Harke's journal

That arrived to Vienna late and was afraid to walked the streets, stopped at hotel to eat and spend the night. He had dinner instead of  supper a dish called "paprika hendl" which is the national sound to be very good but a little salty. Had found the dish so good asked the waiter for the recipe to bring to his wife Mina to practice at home. He knew a little German, he felt like he could managed alone, when in London taught himself some basic German words. There are many different nationalists there.
He looked everywhere for Dracula's castle but to no avail. He had weird dreams that kept him up at nights.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Jonathan Harker's Journal

             On May 3rd Bristitz , left Municha at 8:35pm, On may 1st, he walks on the soil of Vienna the next morning. Harker was late because of an hour train delay; he should have been there from 6:46. Buda-Pesth was a beautiful place that fascinated him after just walking a little through the place. He didn’t want to walk far because he was already late and wanted to start on time.
            The impression Harker had of the west could be seen in the architecture of the bridges in the East. He saw nice bridges over the Danube. The Danube had width and depth, which took them among the traditions of Turkish rule.
            They left at a decent time and got Klausenburgh after dark. Harker got to  Hotel Royale where he spent the night. They survived chicken soup with different colored peppers for dinner. Harker found the soup to be delicious and asked the waiter for the name of it. The waiter told him the name of the soup was “paprika Hendl”, which was a national dish. It was made any where along the Carpathians.

Mina Murray's Journal August 10th at Night

It's 11 o'clock pm and Mina is tired but if it wasn't for devoting herself to writing a diary entry. Mina talks about how she had a lovely walk with Lucy this afternoon and how Lucy was in gay spirits. They had capital tea at Robin Hood's Bay, which was an old fashioned inn. They ate so much that they would've shocked the "New Woman" with their appetite. When walking back home they made many restful stops.
Lucy felt really tired and just wanted to go back to bed as soon as she could. Mrs. Westerna invited a curate to stay for supper but Mina put up a fight for him to be on his way since she and Lucy were so tired but he stayed. Mina wishes for the bishop should breed a new class of curate that don't except meals no matter how hard they are pressed and who will know when girl are tired.
Mina notices Lucy has more color in her cheats than usual and that she looked so sweet. Mr.Holmwood fell in love with Lucy only seeing her in the drawing room but Mina wondered how he'd feel if he saw her alseep. Than she thought if the "New Woman" writers will some day start an idea that men and women should be allowed to see each other asleep before proposing or accepting but they would probably condescend the idea. They would do the proposing themselves and do a fine job of it. She goes in to mention that she believes Lucy was dancing around death but it was avoided as well as whatever dreams that was troubling Lucy has stopped. Then she mentions she would be utmost happy if she knew where Johnathan was.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Log of the Demeter

30 July - Last night we were happy that we're nearing England.  Weather was fine and all sails were set.  I went to bed tired and slept soundly, but was woken up by firstmate saying that both the helmsman and the man on watch were missing.  Now the only ones left on board to operate the ship is me, my firstmate and two hands.
1 August - Haven't seen another boat in two days because of the fog.  I had hoped that we could signal for help once in the English Channel.  Not having the man power to work the sails, we dare not lower them for we would not be able to raise it again.  We are drifting into some terrible nightmare.  The firstmate is now worse than the two hands.  His strong will seem to work against himself.  They are beyond fear, focusing on work, with their minds believing in the worst.  The hands were Russian and the firstmate Roumanian.
2 August, midnight - I woke up hearing a cry from what seemed to be from outside my window.  Couldn't see anything with the fog.  I rushed on deck right into the firstmate telling me that he heard the cry and ran, but did not see the man on watch.  Another one gone.  Lord, help us!  Firstmate said we must be past the Straits of Dover, because he caught a glimpse of North Foreland when the fog lifted for a moment as he heard the man's cry.  If so we are off the North Sea and only God can guide us in the fog, that seems to move with us.  Has God abandoned us?


The professor stared at the grave. He did not cry because he did not like Lucy. He told me, "Remain till I return," and he got ready to leave the room. Soon, the professor return back with a bunch of wild galic and keeps it in the basket in the hall, but it stayed closed, and put some flowers on and all around the bed. He covered her mouth with his gold crucifix. He placed the sheet where it belong to, and we move away. I went to my room for changing my clothes, during this time a visitor knock at the door, he started to talked after he got in. "I need from you a set of postmorten knives., by tomorrow." "Is it possible for a necropsy?" I questioned. "Possible. I would like to make an operation, but different than you expect. Seriously, I want to tell you. I would like to separate the head and the heart from her body. Yeah! you are a chirurgian, and might freak you out, and I observed with no hand shaking or heart, operations about life and death may required the shiver. Oh, I should reminber that my best friend John loved her; I could remember it, before the time is gone then I should give my help. To night, I wanted to started even though Arthur doesnt like it, he is going to be free tomorror after the funeral. He probably may want to see her. another time. Finally , after she is conffined and got ready for tomorrow, we could enter after everyone is falling asleep. We needed to take out all the screws the coffin-lid, and could we started the operation;  and then released them, and so nobody would know, let we stayed together."
"Why not once at a time? She is not alive. Why do we have to operate her" And if the postmortem was not important we did not need to do it- it was not necessary for her, for us, for science, for human knowledge- do we have to do it?- without which it could be horrible." Soon, he placed his hand on my shoulder to talked with a great kindness.

Log of the Demeter August 3rd

            At 12 o’clock I went to take my turn at the helm and when I got there, no one was in sight. The wind was even, and as we got ahead of it we didn't get of course. I didn't take the risk of leaving it, so I yelled for the 1st mate. He came right away running, in his pajamas. He looked startled and worn out, I’m worried he’s finally lost it. He got close to me and whispered harshly in my ear, as if he was scared someone would hear him. ‘He’s here I’m sure of it now. While keeping guard last night I saw him, he was tall, skinny, and extremely pale. He was at the front of the ship looking forward. I sneaked behind him, and tried to stab him with my knife, but the knife went right through him, as if he wasn't there at all’. And as he talked he took the knife and tossed it. Then he said, ‘but he is here, and I’ll find him. Maybe he’s hiding in one the coffins. I’ll search them one by one, you stay and steer the ship’. And with one last ominous look and his fingers in a hushing manner, he went below deck. The wind started to get rough, and I couldn't leave the helm. I saw him come up to the deck again with a tool box and flashlight, and go below deck. He is crazy, completely over the cuckoo’s nest; there is no point in trying to stop him. He can’t injure those coffins, they are listed on the log as clay, and to destroy them is the safest thing he can do in his state. So here I am steering the wheel, and writing these notes. I pray to god and wait until the fog clears. Then, if I can’t get to any port with these rough winds I’ll pull down the sails and signal for help… It’s almost all over. Just when I was beginning to believe that the co-captain would come back calmer, I heard him hammering something below, and work will do him some good. Then out of nowhere I heard a frighten scream, which terrified me, and I saw him, run up to the deck as if running from something, a wild madman, with crazy looking eyes and a face full of fear. ‘Help me! Help me! He said, and then looked around the thick fog. His terror changed into hopelessness, and in a calm voice he said, ‘you need to come too captain, before it’s too late. He is here! I know the truth now. The sea is better than him, there’s nowhere else to run!’ before I could stop him, he willingly jumped into the ocean. I guess I also know the truth now, it was this crazy man who had kill my men one by one, and now he has killed himself. Oh God! How am I supposed to explain all these terrible things, if I ever get to port!

Jonathan Harker's Journal May 4

    In Jonathan Harker's diary, he writes on may 4 about his experience at the Golden Crone Hotel which Count Dracula has instructed him to stay at while he waits for the carriage to arrive which will take him to the Count's castle. After learning that the landlords received a letter containing money for Jonathan's stay and a note instructing them to save a place for Jonathan on the carriage, the owner and his wife act distant and nervous, and it is implied that they no what evils inhabit Dracula's castle.
    As Jonathan is about to leave, the landlord's wife tries to persuade him not to go. She tells him it is St. George's day, which is when evil things are the most powerful. She suggests that he at least wait another day to go. However, Jonathan refuses and insists that he go, stating that he has important business to attend to. The lady then hands him a rosary with a cross attached to it. Although he finds the gift pointless, he accepts it, since he feels it would be rude to deny it. As he admits the whole situation made him feel uneasy, he says goodbye to Mina in his journal, and he realizes the carriage is approaching.


We're All Intellectual

  Gerald Garfiff essay, Hidden Intellectualism, talks about how intellect shouldn't only be measured by whether you can write a five hundred word essay on how Shakespeare was the greatest playwright of his time. He mentions "street smarts" shouldn't been seen as anyone being less intellectual. In his childhood he learned "street smarts" as a mean to protect himself from other kids beating him up for being "book smart". He found his interest through sports, and as he felt he learned the basics of intellectual life through reading sports magazine and having conversations or arguments with people who disagree on the context of the subject. Here's how he proves his interests work : how to make an argument, weight different kinds of evidence, move between particulars and generalizations, summarize the view of others, and enter a conversation about ideas which is what we learn hen righting an essay.

 I feel I'm intellectual when it comes to logic as well as being naturally curious. When I'm really curious about something I research about the subject until it fulfills my thirst for knowledge or the span of my interest. The intellectualism of curiosity helps open new doors because you gain credibility to pass on your knowledge to others.
  When it comes to logic, I learn through observation. Observation and logic helps me to be analytical and figure out the most beneficial outcome which helps when it comes to scams, joining programs, whether a teachers way of teaching will benefit me and if not how I  can overcome that factor. Sometimes my analysis isn't always correct but for the most part it aided me to make many advancements in my everyday life, work life, relationships and academics.

Dr. Seward's Diary-11 September.

Dr. Seward goes over to Van Helsing and finds him to be very happy and Lucy doing a bit better than she has been before. Later on Dr. Seward realizes Van Helsing has received a pack of flowers. Lucy was delighted to hear they were for her, but they weren't meant as a gift for her, rather they are medicines according to Van Helsing.  Helsing tells Lucy he will put them in the window and put a circular band of these flowers to make her sleep better. Lucy was disgusted when the smell of the flowers were of garlic. At this point Lucy thinks Helsing is playing some sort of game with her. Helsing seemed a little bit insulted as he rose up and said "I never joke!, everything I do is for a good purpose." Helsing later goes into Lucy's room and decorates the room with the garlic scent flowers. He made sure all the windows were shut tight and that every step you take, the smell of garlic will run through your nose. Helsing made Lucy wear a band of the flowers. These actions by Van Helsing certainly had Dr. Seward all confused. Helsing goes in to Lucy's room while she is in bed and tells her "whatever you do, do not open the winow or the door."

Chapter 3 (Pg. 45-47)

Dracula's strange warning scared Johnathan at the time. The more Johnathan thought about it, the more he became anxious, but also intrigued. Johnathan disobeys The Count's orders and proceeds to enter all of the rooms of the castle. He becomes tired and ends up falling asleep in one of the rooms. He then wakes up and finds himself surrounded by three beautiful women. Johnathan couldn't believe what he was seeing. He thought it was all a dream. The women come closer to Johnathan and stared in a daze. The women had very unique features. Two of them were dark and had high aquiline noses like Dracula, with great dark piercing eyes that look like the moon. The other woman was fair looking with golden hair and eyes like pale sapphires. The last one look familiar to Johnathan, but he couldn't remember. All three women have sharp white teeth and red voluptuous lips. Johnathan felt very uneasy. He felt a deep evil inside them. One of the ladies came even closer to Johnathan. She became very seductive; got on her knees and bent over Johnathan. Johnathan feels a thrilling yet repulsive sensation. She arches her necks and begins to lick her lips like an animal. She comes closer to Johnathan face where their lips can almost touch. She lowers herself down to Johnathan's throat. As Johnathan is in complete estacy, The Count interrupts this little episode between the three women and Johnathan. Dracula scolds the ladies and tell them to wait until he is done with him. As confused as Johnathan is, he just becomes even more confused. The three women run back to where they were and Johnathan goes back to being unconscious.


Dr. Seward's diary--cont. (Sept. 20)

The funeral was set for tomorrow, so Lucy and her mother could buried together. I attended all the horrible formalities, and the sophisticated funeral director proved that his staff was humble with something of his own obedient, agreeable quality. After coming out of the death chamber, the woman who provided the final arrangements for the dead said to me, in a professional manner, "she is a very beautiful corpse. It was a pleasure to work on her. She will give our business a good rep."

I noticed that Van Helsing was always close by. This was okay because the house was out of order. There were no relatives available, and since Arthur had to return tomorrow to go to his father's funeral, there was no may we could contact anyone who should have been invited. Given the circumstances, Van Helsing and I decided to take it upon ourselves to examines papers and such. He insisted that he review Lucy's papers by himself. I questioned it because he was a foreigner and I was afraid that he would not fully understand English law and might make a foolish mistake.

He said to me, "I know. I know. You forget that I am also a lawyer. But this is not only for the law. You knew that, when you did not see the coroner. I have more than the coroner to avoid. There may be more papers, such as this."

As he talked, he took the memorandum, which Lucy had torn from her breast in her sleep, from his bag. "When you find Mrs. Westerna's lawyer, put all her papers into an envelope and send them to him. As for me, I'll stay the night in Lucy's room and look for things. It's not good that her last thoughts be read by complete strangers."

I went on with my business and in half of an hour, I found the name and address of Mrs. Westerna's lawyer and wrote him. All of her papers were in order. Specific directions were given in regards to the place of burial. In the middle of sealing the letter, unexpectedly, Van Helsing comes into the room and says, "do you need any help, John? I am finished and if necessary, I will help you." I asked him, "did you get what you were looking for?"

He responded, "I wasn't looking for anything in particular. I only wanted, and have found, all that was there, letters and memorandum, and a newly started diary. Here they are, and for the time being, I'll see Arthur tomorrow, and with his permission, I'll use them."

When we finished what we were doing, he said to me, "I think it is time for us to go to bed now. We are both tired and need to rest. We will have a lot to do tomorrow, but tonight we don't have anything more to do. Goodnight!" 

Scene annotating


The color of her lips and the gum of her teeth has vanished and the bones of her face was noticeable and popes out. It was crucial to see her breath and also disturbing to hear. Van helsing's face was solid and his eye brows rose up over his nose. Lucy was paralyzed and seem weak with no energy to talk, there was a moment of silence since there was nothing much to say. Van helsing tap me with his backbone and we left the room quietly. As he closed the door he went to the next door as it was open. Then he grabbed me towards him and said "holy father" he said "this is bad we must not waist any time Lucy is dying.

" Hiddden Interllectualism"

            The article “Hidden Intellectualism” by Gerald Graff, discusses how intellectuals viewed young people who are “street smart” as less educated because they were unable to apply their street knowledge to the academic work. Schools should be held accountable for this division that exists between street smarts and book smarts. They separated academic intelligence from street smarts, not knowing that the street smart a youth would have a great intellectual potential if it’s combined with academics. The intellectuals have a narrow view, they considered subjects and texts as academics. They felt that subjects such as fashion, cars, dating, sports, TV or video games would make youths less intellectual (Graff 380).
            Graff goes on to explain that no real effort has ever been made in schools to connect the street intelligence of young people with the book intelligences. If this were to happen there would be better discussions in classrooms. Young people will be well rounded about various subjects. He believes that subjects and texts have there place in challenging a student to become an intellectual but it should not block them from making a connection with their street intelligence.
            Graff talks about his own personal experience growing up in Chicago around a diverse race and class of people. He switched between his “street smarts” and his book smarts as a way for him to get through the day without getting robbed for his lunch money. In his neighborhood he had to maintain a “hood” persona and a “clean cut” persona in order to survive daily. He was very intellectual about the pop culture of his time. He was more into sports magazines than he was with novels, until he went to college. Later on, after furthering his education and becoming a Professor, he realized that connections could be made between nonacademic and academic intelligence. He states that the commixture of academics doesn’t promise that all students will be successful but it will make them more literate and reflective individuals than they were initially. 
             I feel that I'm more intellectual now than I was before when it come to music. I always remembered songs but never took interest in finding out the name of the artist or band. I'm more knowledgeable about artists and different genres of music. I can instantly tell people the names of artists anytime I hear a song.     



Knowledge in what I love

A topic that I am very intelligent now then when I was a little kid is anime which is a Japanese animated cartoon. When I was young, anime to me was mostly just action cartoons that look really cool because it grabs the attention of the viewers with how the visuals look. One anime that I can only guess that almost every one watched was Dragon Ball Z. Dragon Ball Z was like so much by people because of its action scenes where a character would hit someone and they would fly half way across the area and how they would threaten to destroy planet. Back then I really didn't pay attention to the things such plot and character development when it came to anime but now I look for more than just mindless violence. I look for anything that seems appealing to me like comedy and even drama. At times I would get into agruements with my friends about anime on if character from a specific series has a good enough reasons for his goals in life or was a villain actions are justify. I feel watching anime has helped my a lot with understanding how the world from different perspectives of characters in multiple genres like action, drama, comedy, sci-fi, horror and etc. One of my favorites animes to watch to is called Psycho Pass.

Talanted person is talanted in everything

The article is about hidden intelectualism and how it's manifesting itself.
Gereal Graff writes, ""We assume that it is possible to wax intellectual about Plato, Shakespeare, the French Revolution, and nuclear fission, but not about cars, dating, fashion, sports, TV or video games. The trouble with this assumption is that no necessary connection has ever been established between any text or subject and the educational depth and weight of discussion it can generate." Here Graff disagrees with the statement according to his own experiance. When we was young he used to analyze sports without having proper education. While arguing he was able to assert his views and listen to those of others.
On the page 204 author states, "To say that students need to see their interests "through academic eyes" is to say that street smarts are not enough." I think here Graff ridicules and disagrees with this statement. Mostly because he's biased, but he's point of view is even without education and without have that "academic formula" you still can be intellectual and be equal to those with education.
How can you be intellectual about sports? lol

I'd categorize myself into very creative person. Art, music, writing and extraordinary ways of thinking were always my trump. With time I discovered a lot of new things, such as gaming, acting, drawing, constructing, poeting, puzzling, designing and many others; where my talant/skill was usefull. Things like that are easy for me to obsess. Even though I always new I'm capable of doing something like these, just recently I've apllied it in practice.



Finding The Intellectual Inside of Us


    In "Hidden Intellectualism", Gerald Graff discusses why we shouldn't assume that just because a student has no interest in school related subjects, that they in fact are not intellectuals. He acknowledges that in America, the common thought is that if someone is street smart but does poorly in school, it is a "waste" of intelligence. Graff disagrees with this view, and he asserts that we should not take for granted that streets smarts can be linked to academic intelligence, if educators were to take that route of teaching.  He also points outs that many subjects that we as a society may find to be "unintellectual", do in fact have the potential to be part of an academic discussion.
    Graff both agrees and disagrees with the notion that in order to become an intellectual, you must read the challenging subjects taught in school. While he acknowledges that in order to become an intellectual, you must read challenging pieces of academic writings, he suggests that the challenging subjects taught should be involved with areas and subjects that the students themselves find interesting. Graff concludes by stating that he disagrees with the belief that we should separate academic and non-academic interests, and that it will be beneficial to the students if we make non-academic subjects into areas of academic study.
    One area in which I would consider myself an intellectual is my knowledge of movies. When I was younger, I had little interest in school and didn't bother to remember important facts from school lessons. However, once I came home I would spend countless hours watching television and movies. I would then look up facts about that movie on websites like or Wikipedia. While my interest in school has grown, I do believe that my younger self's fascination with television was beneficial in the long run to helping me become more intellectual. Memorizing facts and dates about films eventually made my memory and learning capacity greater, and therefore prepared me to take in massive amounts of information at the college level. While at the time I didn't consider knowledge about films and television an intellectual endeavor, I now realize that because I was studying something I was interested in, it pushed me to be more interested in difficult school related subjects.


-The Internet Movie Database is one website where you can find interesting facts and trivia about many movies and television shows. (www.IMDB.Com)