Friday, August 1, 2014

Annotating Dracula

  I downloaded Bran Stoker’s Dracula off e-book dreading having to pay for another temporary required text for a semester. I tried to read the book on the train but reading from my phone and tablet was very taxing on my eyes and rereading the digital copy didn’t really help for me to understand the text. Some helpful tools reading the novel on e-book had was highlighting with many colors and that you can embed a comment section which would help with my annotation. The comment would also help with piecing the diaries timeline throughout the novel together. I wasn’t getting anywhere with the digital copy and decided to look Dracula in the school’s library. You’d be surprised how much of a difference having a hard copy of the book in your hands. Once I started reading the hard copy of Dracula I started flying through the chapters and it actually started to make sense because I didn’t have to strain my eyes to focus on the text. I would read the chapters on the train on my way to school instead sitting idle and catching eyes with a stranger. I would also read before bed. My method of annotation is with sticky notes reading through the chapters and writing down any peculiar event or actions. At the end of the chapter I would place the summary of notes and the pages on which the events happened in the chapter.
Before reading the Bram Stocker’s Dracula, I had actually forgotten the origins of Dracula and his weaknesses because in modern day vampires didn’t have weakness of the crucifix or garlic, now it was to stake a vampire in the chest or trap them in sunlight. Modern day vampires aren’t as intellectual or clever like in Dracula. Dracula still has the primal instinct of lust throughout the novel but he has an odd control of the weather such as in Chapter 7 in the Demeter. There’s magically a fog on a ship carrying soil as cargo. Throughout the nights on the ships voyage to London men go missing when they’re out on watch. To stop the hysteria from spreading the captain decides to search the ship and when they found nothing it placed their minds at ease until another sailor gone missing and the storm and fog had gotten worse. One of the last few sailors committed suicide than to allow the unknown entity kill him. The captain documented everything as he could until his strength left him as he tied himself to the wheel. When the ship crashed into the pier the storm had disappeared altogether and a massive black dog was seen coming off the ship. So not only can Dracula manipulate the weather he also can transform into a dog? One thing that still puzzles me is Lucy started sleep walking because of Dracula but when exactly did she come into contact with him for her to be charmed. In chapter 8 when Lucy sleep walks and Mina finds her on the hill that they always sit to find a shadowy figure bent over her. As Mina makes her way to Lucy the figure disappears leaving her exhausted, breathing heavy, and moaning in extreme detail as if she has performed a sexual act with Dracula which precedes the downfall of Lucy’s transformation.

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