Thursday, July 3, 2014


My Zombie, Myself:Why Modern life feels rather undead is about zombies in our pop culture. In this essay it discusses the different ways zombies project our fears. It uses multiple examples in different forms of pop culture. It also talked about how it related to vampires connecting both zombies and vampires. It pointed out that zombies were connected to everyday life and maybe how we would feel at work or at school. We would feel like were always bombarded with paper work and it keeps coming even when we don't want it. Another explanation could be we feel like zombies after a hard day of work or school. 

       Monsters can speak to our deepest fears, and they can make you go insane taunting you with it. The fear of aids or rabies or illness is tremendous in the societies because of the obvious reason no one wants to get sick and die. Although monsters are creatures we keep out, they often find their way in our inner consciousness. The essay interpretation I agree with is both Chuck Klosterman's, My Zombie, Myself: Why Modern a life Feels rather Undead, and Chuck Hogan and Guerllmo Del Toro's Why Vampires never Die. My interpretation of what I believe their reason is valid, is because our culture is being consumed like zombies eat people and in Vampires never die they emit the emotion that we might desire to release but can't because of societies reaction. 

     Chuck Kholsterman states, "Return your voice mails and nod your agreements. This is a zombies' world, and we just live in it. But we can live better"(388). Basically Kholsterman is saying our society is survival of the fittest and if you can't adapt to the new conditions you will be eaten alive. In Why Vampires Never Die, Guillermo Del Toro and Chuck Hogan agrees when they write,"Monsters, like angels, are invoked by our individual collective needs"(379). This refers to religion and there drawn out from within.  The reason why this corroborates with my argument, is because  vampires do what we always wanted them to do and I think Guillermo Del Toro and Chuck Hogan would agree. Although I view both essays which contain very good arguments I would prefer Chuck Hogan and Guillermo Del Toro's Why Vampires Never die because of my connection to feeling the same way they describe which is Pathos. The reason why it's Pathos is because my personal connection of wanting to never age and always be adventurous, fast, strong, and flawless. Kholsterman himself states, " This is our collective fear projection: that we will be consumed. Zombies like the internet and the media are and every conversation we don't want to have"(387). This is important because society shouldn't be condiments to disaster and having so much different media we rely on to go on our day is a epidemic. As America is starting to grow more into technology we should also be aware of the different possibilities of monsters or zombies that want to constantly consume us. That's what I believe these essays are bringing awareness to.          


  1. This is some good writing, but these weren't the texts to connect ;-) Also, why did you include the pic from Zombies, Run!?

  2. its a metaphor for the zombies in our everyday lives chasing man. That represents the problems we have to face or the media that are zombies wanting to consume the people who like pop culture. This poster is like a awareness to get the viewers to not be consumed by "zombies".

  3. I like your summary of klosterman's article. It's true that people are not aware that their being consumed daily by the internet and the media. People need to be more aware of the information that they are absorbing from these mainstream outlets. The internet and the media are zombies that what to take over.