Monday, July 28, 2014

” Writing in the social science”

In the chapter 13 of They say, I say,” Writing in the social science” by Erin Ackerman, discusses the overall experience of writing in the social science. It explains that social science is the study of human interactions and the organizations that make these interactions easier. Writing in social science requires people to include their thoughts in their dialogs by demonstrating their thoughts about what they think. Including thoughts expressed by others in their dialog is very important, as it will allow them to test what they and others have along side of a review of data. Social writing includes an Introduction, Thesis, a literature review, and the writer’s own analysis, which also includes presentation of data and consideration of the conclusion of thesis and the parts that make it up as well (Ackerman158).
Writing for social science requires a person to include their thoughts in dialogs by showing their thoughts about their way of thinking. Social Science essays that are well written will always consist of an introduction, Thesis, a review of a literature and analysis. These components were also used in class when we had papers to do. In my English 24 class we incorporated our thoughts in our writing but only to an extent. Most of the writing that we did focused more on connecting our research to our claims, which derives from our analysis of a literature. I learned how to annotate by highlighting the texts, this allowed me to separate the thoughts and ideas of the author from the rest of the texts. I feel that annotating by highlighting the texts can be applicable to writing for social science. Writing for Social science allows people have more freedom share their opinion more in their writhing.