Monday, July 28, 2014

Writing for the Social Sciences

  In the chapter I've been assigned discussing writing for socialism and the best methods of summarizing the author's ideas and correctly placing your ideas and if you agree, disagree or agree to disagree with the author.
     The introduction is an important part of writing for the social sciences. It's a breakdown of what you'll be talking about within the essay itself. Another aspect of the social sciences is separating your idea from the author. If you stop at the "they say" your readers won't know what you're talking about and especially in interrupting the words of the author the reader will wonder why you have to say anything at all.
The chapter also gives templates on how to agree on some parts of an article as well as disagree. I will use an example for my third essay on "Public Health" using one of the templates provided in this chapter provided on page 160 (They Say/I Say)
    Although I agree with Radley Balko up to a point, I cannot accept his overall conclusion that if we allow the government to regulate what we eat that we'll allow them into other aspects of our daily lives.
   It is also important to summarize the key components of your article that will help you with your analysis of the topics. Using direct quotes from the author helps to represent them fairly as well. In your analysis of the topic you have will want to expand on how you have formed your opinion and why others should care about your topic. Even if you have an abundance of data and cover all the bases there will still be someone out there who disagrees, and that's okay what is important is that you show you've done the work and that you represented the author's work fairly and you present your argument as part of an ongoing conversation.
    I find this chapter helpful for my finally essay because I have multiple sources and I want to represent the author's idea fairly. What will really help me is the questions I ask in my essay and the templates provided in the chapter for making your point and answering the questions.

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  1. "Socialism" and the "social sciences" are not the same thing :-)

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