Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Erotic Moment in the Dracula

        In the analysis of the "Bram Stoker's "Dracula" and Late-Victorian Advertising Tactics: Earnest Men, Virtuous Ladies, and Porn" by Tanya Pikula, the author discusses the novel's use of sexuality and eroticism as a commercial tactic. Pikula presents Mina and Lucy as two  virtuous women who devote their lives as good helpmate. She describes Mina as an exeptional lady during the nineteenth century who plays her role as a good motherhood. Mina is exposed to any emotional attack from Dracula. Pikula comments on Victorian Era sexual repression in England and the impact of the book's themes of vampirism and sexuality on the female reading audience. Other topics explored include the novel's connections with pornography, ideologies of femininity and womanhood in literature, and the notion that sex sells.
        This article has different sections such as "Sex Sells", "Dracula's Ravenous Female Consumers", and "Dracula as Pornography" that I am not going to use all of them into my essay. I intend to use only "Dracula's Ravenous Female Consumers" because it is related to my theme (feminism). Pikula writes, "Although the women in the novel do betray some very questionable desires, it is important to emphasize that neither Mina nor Lucy is an example of the New Woman" (289). It can be fitted as an addition of details to my works. Throughout this scene,  Pikula explains how Mina becomes a brave women to hunt Dracula to death. Pikula writes, "Interestingly enough, it is precisely when the men decide to take away her role as the official 'chronologer' of the hunt that Mina becomes vulnerable to Dracula's attentions, and he is able to penetrate into the very household that the men strive most to protect" (290). I intend to use it carefully and making the most possible connection to my essay.
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 Brooke"s Soap  Illustrated London News 29 March 1890

This advertisement's photo represents how in eighteen century that  many housemaids as her, were exploited by the London's society in domestic service at some business places or even at home for a little money.

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