Monday, July 21, 2014

Woman in a Victorian society

What is it that you most desire, the ability to have it all or the free will a human has to be able to have what it desires? It sounds the same but having free will and having a desire of something's is totally different, at least in a Victorian society. As a Victorian woman, they must not have any type of sexual or lustful thoughts of any kind, if they were to do so they would be judge as an impure woman, and not consider a woman at all. A woman must have manners, to be pure through mind, soul and body, have no kind of bad grammar or language, and be a lady. As for men, they had the upper hand the ability to have power  to have reason, to be stronger than a woman, and to do harder tasks such as working, which In fact was prohibited for woman in the Victorian  era in England. "Women of the mid-19th century had no such choices. Most lived in a state little better than slavery. They had to obey men, because in most cases men held all the resources and women had no independent means of subsistence. A wealthy widow or spinster was a lucky exception. A woman who remained single would attract social disapproval and pity. She could not have children or cohabit with a man: the social penalites were simply too high. Nor could she follow a profession, since they were all closed to women." (Helena Wojtczak) it is reasonable that stalker wanted us to know that woman should not be surperior to man. Stoker wanted us to view woman as females that produce, that females are dangerous if they are ever given such power to think, to be educated and work. I believe Stoker wanted woman to be below men and not above. Like in Lucy's case, she became a vampire as she because impure by all the blood transfusion that were made by many man. She has now broken the Victorian rule, she has cross boundaries and has free will to do what ever she desires and has brought upon lustful desires. But Lucy doesn't crave any sort of man blood, but goes after children blood, which is interesting. She is an impure woman with the desire to have a child, a child that has been made by impurity through the blood transfusion of other man, so symbolic. Why does the Victorian society want woman in a powerless state where all they can do is reproduce and be a house wife, take orders and never give orders, and to be home all day and have no opinion or reasoning of thinking? My believe; men are fearful that one day woman would take power over men and dominate.     Source :



by Helena Wojtczak


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