Wednesday, July 2, 2014

"WHY We Crave Horror Movies" / "My Zombie, Myself"

In the article, “My zombie, Myself: Why Modern Life feels Rather Undead” by Chuck Klostreman discusses that people have become obsessed with zombies and there immortal powers. Zombies have taken over mainstream movies and cable programs. They are valuable and there market is constantly expanding. Zombies are considered a commodity to mainstream because they can build on the zombie physical pace and image, making them faster or slower and more scary looking.
             Klosterman goes on to explain that people tend to humanize their fears. Their fears that are humanized are called “Monsters.”. These creatures that people create come from there ideas that are influenced by there fears.
             People may also be attracted to zombies because of the way they are slaughtered. It may be a reflection of there day to day life routines and challenges that they face. The slaughtering of zombies goes by steps that are repeated, until you or the zombies perish. This could probably explain why people are fascinated with zombies. People’s have zombie like behaviors and routines that come from there unconscious fears.
            The internet and the media are also considered as zombies because people see and hear things that they don’t what to see and hear. This causes people to be less aware of their fears and more absorbed in what their being told.

Question 4
             Klosterman states, “This is our collective fear projection: that we will be consumed.” I think Klosterman is trying to say that people’s fears are being projected back to them through mainstream and the Internet. If people confront their fears and have a better understanding of it, they will know the proper action to take in any given situation. They wouldn’t have to humanize their fears by creating a monster. I agree with Klosterman that this is a collective fear because it is a combination of other external and internal factors that are influencing people’s fears. I share it also because I watch mainstream media and I take in the information that it provides, never really knowing if it true or not. The media use news as away to make people fearful.

“Connections” response
            Stephen King’s and Chuck Klostreman article agrees that people find fear to be exciting. That why horror films do so well in mainstream. It brings to life people unconscious fears through their thoughts and not in reality.


  1. I agree with what Klostreman is claiming that zombies appeal to us because they represent what is constant and routine like in our life, and this article is very similar to how King explains that we like horror movies because they express our nastiest and darkest of emotions.

  2. Great post, but I don't know what Danny Trejo (awesome as he is) has to do with your post ;-)