Saturday, July 26, 2014

I say, just as important as what They say

In chapter 13 it tackled how I interpret they say,I say by entering the conversation in the text from a different approach. In other lessons it showed to give the reader there say but also include I say in various templates provided. Chapter 13 is like the scientific method broken down in the form of an essay to make everything clear for the readers. It starts with the data in chapter 13 so the reader has a clear view of what is the data in case they might need it for their essay also. In this chapter it said to give scientific evidence as to support or to refute the opposing side. Meaning giving the reader both sides of the argument. Also in a nice way use the templates provided to disagree. In chapter 13 it said to say why you disagree in a scientific way. It  also said to use qualitative data to make the argument more solid. Like numbers explained very precisely so the reader could be able to do the math and see the difference that's trying to be explained. Chapter 13 helped a lot because it applies well to various fields in writing by making conversation in the writing will keep the readers engaged and also can be used in the future as a reference. 

This scientific approach can be applied to multiple different fields in writing it included some of all the subjects to write about in college. Hypothesis can be used in different forms and from math to quantum physics, the work can be brought in very scientific ways. By learning about all the techniques from Eng. 24 I can write better constructive essays that don't feel one sided. By giving the reader there say also including what speculation there might be about what I say it adds to my ethos. Meaning never completely shut down the other sides argument because there can be scientific research to prove it that I don't know about. I can use some of the templates from chapter 13 to say why this relates to the theme of pop culture and also refute some of the different ideas maybe provided somewhere. I will also give both sides so I won't make my reader feel whatever there view is I'm not putting anyone down. I could also use this in my nay sayer part of the 3rd essay. Over all I learned to give the they say because it helps out what I say with the templates provides I can organize my ideas more so my point is clear.  

I included this picture because an essay is like a conversation between lots of people and it can be more fun this way


  1. Your pic makes sense because we need to have fun in writing an essay. Even though writing in science can be helpful, but it is somehow complicated to apply it at all.

  2. That it is, Ymer.

    I'm confused though, sdupont. You seem to be writing about how you can apply science writing to your essay, when you should be explaining how essay writing can be applied to science writing.