Thursday, July 3, 2014

The Undead

In the article "My Zombie, Myself: Why Modern Life Feels Rather Undead" by Chuck Klosterman write about how zombie are and how people deal with them. Klosterman says zombies are a value stock and that they are a target-rich environment meaning that they are everywhere. Klosterman mentions "The Walking Dead" on AMC that had around 5.3 million people viewing the first episode which had more views then the season 4 of "Mad Man". Their are two types of zombies. Their are slow ones and fast ones and thats all. There are steps given to us readers for killing zombies. Step 1 is to shoot the zombie in the brain with if possible a shotgun. Step 2 is the same as step one but just to another zombie. Steps 3 and 4 is to just repeat the cycle over and over again. "Zombie killing is philosophically similar to reading and deleting 400 work e-mails on a Monday morning or filling out paperwork that only generates more paperwork." This means that zombies will continue give to people stressful and repetitive action to deal with.


  1. Im confused about the comparison between killing zombies and deleting emails. Is that to say zombies pose no real threat since they are so easy to kill? This idea is similar to how zombies are portrayed in "Shawn of the Dead", where zombies are easily defeated unless there are hundreds of them. It seems like this article mocks the zombie genre, and from your summary, it implies that there is not much to gain from watching a zombie movie.

  2. I like the walking dead its a great show the zombie killing is the best part overall this is good, but what is your position?

  3. Good questions in the comments here. Mel, can you clarify your summary and add your answer to question 4?