Sunday, July 27, 2014

Scientific writing is something else

The reading " The data suggest", "writing in the science" by Christopher Gilles, I as a reader understand that the scientific writing is more complex, harder in my opinion but in deed easier to understand. Scientific writing is about giving as many evidence and data to the reader, so the reader can understand step by step.  Scientific writing is similar as the kind of writing I follow in class, taking a side of an argument and give as much evidence and critical analysis as possible. This style of writing is not easy because you must follow steps such as writing about data and discussing a scientific argument. Also to present a prevailing theory, the writer must  make sure the reader understand the prevailing theory or such theory before the writer can go in detail. Scientific writing also goes through the same process a writer goes through, which is going through "several level of critical analysis before being published" (Gilles 314)
Scientific writing sounds so professional, when ever I hear or read the term science I always think of data, chemistry and life. To be able to apply this kind of presionalism in writing makes my head hurt, because then I would have to give evidence, and be as detailed as possible I mean I already apply is to my writing in class but he fact that it has to be very specific and writing data not by numbers but follow a formate and have a theorie and apply that works to the world and explain it, that sounds hard in a way.  This kind of writing I am accustom to is very different and the same, both writing techniques have to do with a side argument, but scientific writing doesn't argue but gives data to better the understanding of the reader. I must say that reading this article has given me some knowledge but I wouldn't like to write in this kind of format. I dislike it and just by thinking about it makes my had hurt, I much rather stay with the basic format Of English writing

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  1. But how would you APPLY what you learned in ENG 24 to the sciences?