Sunday, July 20, 2014

The Problem of New Women in 1897

The reason why I included this picture is because it shows new women, they aren't like the women were supposed to be in their time. Women are open to anything and that can be a major fear for the men of society. Nobody wants their women to talk back or be inappropriate with who ever they please. Even in 1921 this was still a major problem. The good that came out of women becoming more attentive and demanding was women’s rights started to develop by a lot of rebellion organizations for equality, and self change. Women are now who they want to be and even though they're are some who discourage it the new woman is already here and the fight for equal pay in jobs is still going on in 2014.
In the article it shows Bram Stokers response to new women. New women was a term used in Dracula to emphasize why women shouldn't act like uncivilized proper women.This article focuses on women during the Victorian Era. The article shows Stoker as being sexist because of how he portrayed women in Dracula. Women were not to be independent in Stoker's view but Carol A. Senf disagrees. She also uses multiple other sources to support her argument. The article it brought up a lot of points that Stoker made and connected it to Stoker's response of the new woman. It analyzes the different areas of how women are treated by Stoker and its actually a view on maybe how men were also in that era. New women doesn't only apply to England it was a global crisis. Men were always seen as equal and women were treated like slaves to men. Now the new woman has an education and knows what to do, they can provide for themselves and don't need to be controlled by anyone.
This relates to the novel because the new women in Dracula are killed in the end. By keeping women in their lane nothing goes wrong like with Mina. In Dracula, Lucy who does sinful things pays dearly in the end. This relates to the novel because xenophobia is a common theme in Dracula. It shows real problems that went on during the Victorian Era. In Dracula, xenophobia lead the people to believe  that foreigners were more corrupt than they were in the past. Also the new women ideas of self independence were shot down women with ambition in Dracula couldn't do much unless it applied to the husbands. Thinking about this novel more in depth, this is the start of a revolution of women even though there were negative consequences, there are a lot of good in the changes that occurred. Change helps society for the better because we learn of new possibilities everyday. Women play major roles in society and in 1897 they should have been treated fairly.The article I read was by Senf, Carol A. "'Dracula': Stoker's Response To The New Woman." Victorian Studies 26.1  (1982): 33. Academic Search Complete. Web. 17 July 2014.


  1. This is a little all over the place, and you should proofread a little more closely, but it's a good post and a strong source! I'd love to be published in Victorian Studies some day :-)