Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Origin of Dracula

Dracula as we all know is a blood sucking vampire from the dark scary town of Transylvania, Transylvania has rare history that connects Dracula to the land. Bram Stokers story gave Dracula its big rise by giving readers emotion of all types; love, fear, suspense. He became popular and traveled through media. The idea of Dracula is un known but most believes it come from a Romanian Ruler name Vlad the Impaler, He would was known for Impaling people with wooden steaks and watch them suffer, Vlad killed as much as 100,000 people. It’s likely that these two would be in compassion of each of other, it also gives people who never been to this place a horrific imagination enough to give them the scares of not wanting to go.


  1. It's interesting to note that Dracula was based on a real person, since it brings a level of humanity to the vampire, and makes him less of a human monster. It also makes it a scarier though to think that although he wash't sucking peoples blood, there was an authority figure who performed countless murders during his reign. From the articles we've read this semester, such as Why vampires never die, and why we crave horror movies, it has been implied that humans secretly want to commit horrible acts of violence, and that we just control ourselves and release the negative energy elsewhere. So if this is true, it may be possible that this is why people in power such as Vlad the impaler have committed these acts of violence.

  2. Excellent thoughts, Aaron, and a good post, Trey!

    But where's your info. coming from, Trey?!