Thursday, July 3, 2014

Technology: It's Progress and Minor Set Backs Overtime

       Growing up my father would tell me to use my head instead of using a calculator because the fact of using a calculator will effect my math skills down the line. I took his advice and only used the calculator when I find it necessary but yet I don't find myself any better at math. It still takes a moment, then again it's not every day someone asks you to multiply numbers.
   In Neil Postman's article, The Judgment of Thamus , he explain the pros and cons of technology. He starts with telling a story about King Thamus and an inventor named Theus. Theus was trying to impress the King on his new inventions and intergrade it into society with the King's approval. The King disapproved of the inventions because he felt it would hinder society and make them lazy and reliant on these knew inventions. Postman does agree that technology can become a burden, we only look at what technology can do but not as well take away. His thoughts are more towards the positive and negatives of new technology, "New Technologies alter the structure of our interest: the things we think about. They alter the character of our symbols: the things we think with"

From reading both Frank Rose's, The Art of Immersion : Fear of Fiction, and Neil Postman's, The Judgment of Thamus, I believe that they would agree with one another. Postman states the development of new technologies has changed the structure of our society and the way we think. This support the last few sentences of Frank Rose's article , " Technology makes authenticity suspect, and technology gives us a wherewithal to demand it- if that's what we really want. Except that it's not what we want. Its what we think we want". They both acknowledge the fact that technology influence our thoughts and how we deal with life in society.

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  1. Great post and anecdote Angela! Though I'm not sure what the pic has to do with it :-/