Sunday, July 27, 2014

Science in English

The writing covered in Chapter 13 was about scientific writing. Scientific writing is, in my opinion, a lot more difficult than anything we've written in class so far. Scientific writing is similar to our class essays because they make a claim and use evidence to support that claim. But it's more to scientific  writing than just that. Scientific writing makes a claim but they have to  also bring into question previous scientific arguments. They also use data as evidence but they have to analyze each piece of data and explain what it means and how that data supports or doesn't support their claim. They also have to explain how the data was collected and explain the end result of the data. In short, scientific writing goes into a deeper analysis of each part of their writing; nothing in scientific writing can go unexplained and you have to make your own argument about  what the scientific data is saying.

I don't think that I can use scientific writing in ENG 24 but I don't write about any science. But I do think that I can use the format of it. Scientific writing use of extreme analysis makes the paper easier to understand and can include all sides possible. Scientific writing cannot be written without a naysayer and that makes your paper more credible according to They Say/I Say.  So I believe that using the format of scientific writing in any paper will cause for an overall  better academic paper with good credibility.

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  1. This is great until the very end, where you should have explained how you could apply ENG 24 to science writing, not the other way around ;-)