Sunday, July 13, 2014

Patrick Hennesey to Dr.Seward

   As per your order, I've kept a report of everything that's happened under my watch. There have been some problems regarding patient Renfield. He went through another violent episode today. This afternoon there were two men delivering cargo to the empty house near our asylum. The same house Renfield ran away to twice during his escape. The men were new to this area and asked our porter for directions. I was in my study enjoying a smoke after my meal when i look out the window to see one of them walk up to us. While walking to the house, he passed patient Renfield's room and was showered with ill words. The man told Renfield to shut up and Renfield accused him of being a thief and wanted to murder him. I opened the window to tell the man to ignore our patient and when the man realizes he was in front of an asylum, he tells me "quote here." He then asked me in a polite way for directions to the empty house and I told him where to go. Renfield continues to curse him as he went away. I went down to see what was causing our patient to behave in such a way when he;s normally well behaved. It surprised me to find Renfield so composed and when i asked him about the incident he seemed oblivious of the event. It was all an act put on by him because within half an hour, he broke through his window and ran towards the empty house. I was afraid of what he'd do upon getting there so i called for the attendants to follow after him. Renfield pulled one man off the cart and
began to hit his head against the ground. If i hadn't made it in time to restraint him, he probably would have killed him. the other man jumped off the carriage and stuck Renfield in the head with the butt of his whip. Renfield was unaffected by the blow and goes onto grab the 2nd man and wrestled the both of us. We were pretty big guys but Renfield manages to push us around easily. Renfield was silent as we fought but when we got the restraint coat on him, he began to shout "quote here." not seeming to make any sense. It took us much effort to put him back in the padded cell. One of our attendants, Hardy broke a finger but I was able to set it back. He's been fine after that.
   The two cargo men threatened to sued us but they seemed to be demanding something else. They gave the reason for their defeat to Renfield from being exhausted after lifting the cargo. And the other reason they gave was because they've been on the road far too long because their occupation requires it and they need something to quench their thirst. I see where they were getting at and offered them a drink and a pound sterling each after which they were satisfied. I took down their names in case we needed their service for transporting. There names are Jack Smollet, of Dudding's Rents, KingGeorge's Road, Great Walworth, and Thomas Snelling, Peter Farley's Row, Guide Court, Bethnal Green. They work for Harris&Sons, Moving and Shipment Company, Orange Master's Yard, Soho.
   If anything interesting occurs, I'll write to you again, and if anything important comes up, I'll let inform you pronto.

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  1. The last line of this paraphrase is excellent, but the rest still sounds very formal and close to the original text. Don't just replace words with synonyms; rewrite the text in your own words.