Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Natural intellectual

According to The reading hidden intellectualism  graff talks about the subject he was mostly intellectual which was sports. I can totally relate to him because I was horrible in math and other subjects but as a kid I would always talk about the different type of instruments I mostly enjoyed listening in music which were he electric guitar, the drum set and the piano. many kids at my age didn't really know about these type of instruments and what family they belong to etc.

Now that I have grown I my self feel that I could talk about soccer because that's the subject I am mostly intellectual. When I was a kid I hated any hoe of sport including soccer because my dad would always watch his games every Sunday afternoon, mean while I sat down frustrated and anxious to see som dragon ball z. I really have no idea how I changed from disliking the sport to loving it; all I know is that I love the sport and I just can't get enough. For the most part I wish school was about things we really wanted to learn and the things we like for the most part, school would be exciting and fun. To be intellectual is a major good thing, you know about a certain or Serrano subjects and sound smart, be smart too. To be original and unique in my point of view is what we all need. To be intellectual is a must and many of us don't have this. Yea by the way girls love a smart guy, just saying ... http://lawhimsy.wordpress.com/2013/08/04/im-proud-to-be-an-intellectual-badass/http://www.quickmeme.com/Philosoraptor/page/2011/

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  1. Where's you summary, Edward?

    My brother and I used to have insane DBZ debates :-)

    Also, be sure to embed the pics and not just link them :-)