Wednesday, July 23, 2014

My Monster and I

Dalphee C.

My Monster and I

Thursday afternoon at 1:00 pm was extremely exciting and helpful. The library visit was one of the most successful experience and will be to my academic success. In my experience at library, I have learned so much about how to do researching better than I have known about the article of “Dracula”. I have researched two references at the library, one is the article of “Transvaal, Transylvania Dracula’s World-system and Gothic Periodicity” by Stephen Shapiro  and the other one was Dracula as Metaphor for Human Evil”, by Steven G. Herbert. Which i have found very helpful.

 Our minds are so powerful we can create our own satisfactions by our imaginations. Because our own universe as we go along with. More than hundred years since Dracula novel has been published in 1897 and still standing. Bram Stoker’s novel introduced vampire tradition in the society of Victorian. But still remain strong in our pop culture. The reference article that I chose on Dracula, according to philosophical Discussion “Dracula as Metaphor for Human Evil”, by Steven G. Herbert. His arguments is based on “The monsters that we create in prints and films are often projections arising from our collective unconscious”. Which means we created a portray of ourselves in an evil way such as (vampire, zombies, werewolves and much more) are based on our feelings and emotions. Even though terrifying, but help to satisfy what is not ok and undone in our minds base on our desires. Dracula help shape and understand the most difficult situation that we cannot unveil base on the society's criticism. Which seems to work perfectly fine and bring us back to the state of equilibrium. Herbert state that "Evil can be a divine gift that tests our goodness and spurs us on to develop greater dimension of self". (1) Which means we can defeat our enemies by not applying physical contact but whether emotional obstacles, the difficulties in life, we can empowered to deal with most negative people which either at school, work, home, anywhere that we socialize in a powerful way.  The psychology behind why we watch and a satisfaction in horror movies, is because that is experiencing horror within safe confines.


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  1. This is a good post, Dalphee, but I'm not sure how you're going to use this source in Essay 3. Also, where's the Works Cited entry?