Monday, July 14, 2014

My journal entry on Dracula

We all know that reading the book Dracula has made it difficult to read and understand , in my part I really had to sit down and concentrait to the max in order to grasp the reading and analys it in order for me to understand what's going on through out the reading. I have to be very comfortable in doing so, I usually lay down on my bed get a couple of snacks to actually start to read. My room has to be cool and very quiet so I could actually enjoy the reading and be able to read it over and over again to grasp the main point. The way I connect with the reading Dracula is by using my imagination, to be able to imagine and out together the scenes that take place in the book so I could actually see it in my head in a way. This really helps me understand the reading and connects the different ideas I have towards the reading. At times when I don't understand a word I look it up, if I don't understand what is going on in the reading I usually read it again.


  1. It is a great method to use when reading a long novel as Dracula. Awesome job.

  2. Dracula has alot of words and phrases that were common in 1897 but are not commonly used today. When I read the book, I also am confused by certain phrases and have to read a certain passage over again. Ironically, I find that reading over paragraphs more than once is very beneficial. Not only does it help me figure out certain words by their context, but I usually find new subtle themes within the story that I had not noticed before.

  3. Words such as...? Details!

    Other than that, not a bad post.