Monday, July 7, 2014

My Favorite Scene in Dracula :)

A scene that stood out to me in Dracula is chapter 11 when Lucy started experiencing some more signs of a vampire. She was pale and not with rosy cheeks like she was before. I liked the dehumanization of her sweet  character to someone she represents which is the "New Woman". 
Also in chapter 11 Memorandum left by Lucy Westerna 17 of September, my favorite parts were at the end when the maids were knocked out and Lucy's mom died because of the wolf frightning her to death. In the novel Dracula, Lucy says "The maids shreiked and went into a body to the dining room"(520)pdf. Im not sure what this means but, I believe the maids saw Dracula then passed out. Around the same time her mom died because of the wolf scaring her to death as a diversion so Dracula could get to Lucy. An important part was while all this violence suspense and gore was happening, noise that's by her window before it's foreshadowing of Dracula appearing. Later on the flapping got agry and aggressive, it was Dracula trying to get inside, so he creates a brilliant plan to delay the telegram so Seward and Van Helsing wouldn't be at the house. Dracula could get Lucy's mom out the way, get blood from Lucy and get his youth from her blood.


  1. Nice! I like this scene from Dracula also. Great job with the blog.

  2. You forgot to write this scene word by word if I'm not mistaken, other than that good job