Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Mina Murray's Journal August 10th at Night

It's 11 o'clock pm and Mina is tired but if it wasn't for devoting herself to writing a diary entry. Mina talks about how she had a lovely walk with Lucy this afternoon and how Lucy was in gay spirits. They had capital tea at Robin Hood's Bay, which was an old fashioned inn. They ate so much that they would've shocked the "New Woman" with their appetite. When walking back home they made many restful stops.
Lucy felt really tired and just wanted to go back to bed as soon as she could. Mrs. Westerna invited a curate to stay for supper but Mina put up a fight for him to be on his way since she and Lucy were so tired but he stayed. Mina wishes for the bishop should breed a new class of curate that don't except meals no matter how hard they are pressed and who will know when girl are tired.
Mina notices Lucy has more color in her cheats than usual and that she looked so sweet. Mr.Holmwood fell in love with Lucy only seeing her in the drawing room but Mina wondered how he'd feel if he saw her alseep. Than she thought if the "New Woman" writers will some day start an idea that men and women should be allowed to see each other asleep before proposing or accepting but they would probably condescend the idea. They would do the proposing themselves and do a fine job of it. She goes in to mention that she believes Lucy was dancing around death but it was avoided as well as whatever dreams that was troubling Lucy has stopped. Then she mentions she would be utmost happy if she knew where Johnathan was.


  1. I really like your blog. You're summary was well was written.

  2. Not bad. But why did you write in 3rd person? You spoiled the fun of writing as if you were Mina ;-)