Monday, July 21, 2014

Long Distance Shipping

            The reference I chose in Dracula is the Demeter’s trip from Varna, Bulgaria to Whitby, England.  Varna is a seaport and third largest city in Bulgaria located on the western coast of the Black Sea.  This city was originally founded by Milesian Greeks as Odessus in 6th century B.C.E.  It didn’t get its’ name, Varna, till it became part of the Bulgarian empire (679-1018 C.E.).  Whitby is a town in the borough of Scarborough, historic county of Yorkshire, northeastern England.  It is an old port town which was on the opposite side of Victorian seaside resort development, where writer Bram Stoker visited for vacation and made the town a setting for his novel Dracula. The reason I chose the Demeter’s trip as my reference is to see roughly how far they traveled with the Count on board.  From what I can tell using maps of the geography of Europe, the ship would have had to travel about 3500 miles to Whitby from Varna.  That is some serious distance to cover with Dracula on board.


  1. This is some good info., Victor, but where'd you get it?!

  2. Bram Stoker describes wonderfully the way of the Demeter from Varna to Whitby, beginning in the 6th of August, across the Bosphorus, then Dardanelos, Gibraltar, Bay of Biscay and arriving in England after 30 days of dreadful fate and loss of men in a terrifying saga of doubt and despair.