Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Log of the Demeter August 3rd

            At 12 o’clock I went to take my turn at the helm and when I got there, no one was in sight. The wind was even, and as we got ahead of it we didn't get of course. I didn't take the risk of leaving it, so I yelled for the 1st mate. He came right away running, in his pajamas. He looked startled and worn out, I’m worried he’s finally lost it. He got close to me and whispered harshly in my ear, as if he was scared someone would hear him. ‘He’s here I’m sure of it now. While keeping guard last night I saw him, he was tall, skinny, and extremely pale. He was at the front of the ship looking forward. I sneaked behind him, and tried to stab him with my knife, but the knife went right through him, as if he wasn't there at all’. And as he talked he took the knife and tossed it. Then he said, ‘but he is here, and I’ll find him. Maybe he’s hiding in one the coffins. I’ll search them one by one, you stay and steer the ship’. And with one last ominous look and his fingers in a hushing manner, he went below deck. The wind started to get rough, and I couldn't leave the helm. I saw him come up to the deck again with a tool box and flashlight, and go below deck. He is crazy, completely over the cuckoo’s nest; there is no point in trying to stop him. He can’t injure those coffins, they are listed on the log as clay, and to destroy them is the safest thing he can do in his state. So here I am steering the wheel, and writing these notes. I pray to god and wait until the fog clears. Then, if I can’t get to any port with these rough winds I’ll pull down the sails and signal for help… It’s almost all over. Just when I was beginning to believe that the co-captain would come back calmer, I heard him hammering something below, and work will do him some good. Then out of nowhere I heard a frighten scream, which terrified me, and I saw him, run up to the deck as if running from something, a wild madman, with crazy looking eyes and a face full of fear. ‘Help me! Help me! He said, and then looked around the thick fog. His terror changed into hopelessness, and in a calm voice he said, ‘you need to come too captain, before it’s too late. He is here! I know the truth now. The sea is better than him, there’s nowhere else to run!’ before I could stop him, he willingly jumped into the ocean. I guess I also know the truth now, it was this crazy man who had kill my men one by one, and now he has killed himself. Oh God! How am I supposed to explain all these terrible things, if I ever get to port!

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  1. This is a weird paraphrase; in places, you sound almost more formal than the original text ;-)