Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Knowledge in what I love

A topic that I am very intelligent now then when I was a little kid is anime which is a Japanese animated cartoon. When I was young, anime to me was mostly just action cartoons that look really cool because it grabs the attention of the viewers with how the visuals look. One anime that I can only guess that almost every one watched was Dragon Ball Z. Dragon Ball Z was like so much by people because of its action scenes where a character would hit someone and they would fly half way across the area and how they would threaten to destroy planet. Back then I really didn't pay attention to the things such plot and character development when it came to anime but now I look for more than just mindless violence. I look for anything that seems appealing to me like comedy and even drama. At times I would get into agruements with my friends about anime on if character from a specific series has a good enough reasons for his goals in life or was a villain actions are justify. I feel watching anime has helped my a lot with understanding how the world from different perspectives of characters in multiple genres like action, drama, comedy, sci-fi, horror and etc. One of my favorites animes to watch to is called Psycho Pass.


  1. This is a cool picture, I like Japanese Anime also and Dragon Ball Z by watching them in Japanese Ive started to understand Japanese.

    1. Thats really cool me because ive been able to speak some Japanese words too.

  2. Nice! But where's your summary of Graff!