Sunday, July 27, 2014

I Use This Way to Say it!

 In the Chapter 13 "The Data Suggest", "Writing in the Sciences" by Christopher Gillen, he starts with certain studies about developping the comprehension in analyzing and give our proposition out of it. He uses certain scientists researches to teach us how we may enjoy to express our opinion from what other "say". From these examples, he shows how to analyze what "they say" by using other sources as evidence.
     The objective of this passage is to teach us in some methods how to analyze the scientific writing. The author explains how we may use data as new experiments to summarize and comparing them with scientific writings. He uses certain maths method to describe what collecting data is about. Through this method, he draws in three rhetorical keys we can describe data in scientific writings. For examples, presenting the prevailing theories, explaining methodologies, and summarizing findings.
      In the method of presenting the prevailing theories, the author uses the explanation of Lighton's hypothesis to show how these theories work.
     In the explainig methodologies, he makes in evidence some techniques for readers to collect data. As a result, he presents a short passage about the evolution of bird digestive systems to desmontrate these methods.
    The author explains the method of "Summazing the Findings" by supporting information and making comparisons to different data. Once we summarize the data, he suggests us to say what the data mean and he explains this process as well in a scientific writing.
    He notes how important to make our own arguments and sharing our agreement that following by an explanation of this choice. He uses variuous of templates to describe those methods.
    All those approaches Gillen uses to make the program of collecting data is helpful to us for having a better view in writing performance, but it is somehow complicated. In order to understand all points that he describes in the this Chapter following by those practice templates, it is required us to be patient and being motivated in learning.
    I am impressed to see all of materials that I learned in ENG 24. In addition to what I just learned from the Chapter 13, I think that I develop a better understanding of writing. As the purpose of the chapter is to show us how we can start to write in the sciences. It is time to me to take seriously the writing and using certain good method in order to become a better writer.

   The reason I use this picture is because of the unfinish sentence remind me what I learned from all templates in "They Say/ I Say" and it makes me think what could be the next.. as in Chapter 13 invites us to start using scientific method in our writing.


  1. this is a very good analysis, and I like your picture. Also did you think of how you would use whats from chapter 13 to add in other forms of writing?

    1. Or the reverse, as asked for the assignment ;-)