Tuesday, July 15, 2014

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July 15th 2014,

I woke up at 12:30AM. I had intended to nap for 30 minutes but that didn't happen. Guess I'll be up quite late today. I open up Dracula and find my bookmark at the start of chapter 19 and propped it against my computer monitor and the back of my keyboard. That way I will be able to write this down as I read.

Jonathan Harker's Journal: 270-277
I don't understand how Jonathan says his wife is "so absolutely strong and well." and yet he tries to keep Mina out of their awesome vampire slaying expedition. Obviously your wife is a woman capable of handling herself. Who are you to say where she can and can't go?

Indexy: Dictionary.com and Merriam-Webster.com yields no results. Found a forum on forum.wordreference.com and it says Renfield is referred to as the index of the count. Where by observing his actions one can possibly locate the Count. My question is why would Dr. Seward use a word like this?

Van Hellsing brings along Sacred Wafers(wafers blessed by the priest) along with his other gear. Does this act as a talisman to ward off evil like their crucifix? Or are they supposed to do something with it? One thing that interests me is the electric lamp they put on their chest. How does it look like and does it run on batteries?

Skeleton Key: Master key

In Manus tuas, Domine! is Latin for Into your hands, Lord!

Hobnails: Studded shoes. I wonder who left these marks. Dracula maybe? But why walk when he can fly?

When the group opens the door to the chapel, is that Dracula's breath they smell combined with blood? Jonathan did mention the Count's bad breath at the beginning of the story.

Lugubrious: Looking or sounding sad.

I don't see how three small dogs can manage to scare off a swarm of rats especially if there were enough rats to fill up a chapel storing 29 freaking coffins.

Van Hellsing mentions how Mina was saved the trouble of experiencing what had occurred today and that she can rest easy. I just think it's unfair how they don't let Mina see this through to the end because she is just as involved in this matter as the rest of them.

Pellmell: In a confused, rushed, or disorderly manner.

Really Jonathan? Mina didn't do anything today and she looks paler than usual in her sleep and nothing comes to mind? And why did you have to keep what happened tonight at the chapel a secret? What the hell?

Jonathan. You wake up to see Mina all drained and also saw her look of "blank terror." Get a clue man.

Chapter 19 started out great but the end of Jonathan's entry was so disappointing. I'll have to call it a day.

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