Saturday, July 12, 2014

Journal Entry

Bram Stoker's Dracula is very confusing but a unique novel. In order to truly understand this book, you have to have patience. When I hear the name Dracula, white teeth, a long black spooky cape, and sucking blood comes to mind. While reading Dracula, it helped me understand much more about him as a character and as a monster. Even though Dracula seems to be a little overbearing, I became more interested as I keep reading about the strange villian. Watching vampires in movies and shows like Twilight and Scooby Doo, made him more appealing to me. While reading Dracula, I would highlight and annotate to make sure I understand the reading correctly. If I find words that seem challenging to me, then I will look them up in the dictionary. Sometimes I like reading the book at home, reading it on the bus, or at school. Anywhere where I can think to myself. I ask my brother how did he feel about vampires and he told he is a big fan of the mystical being. I checked on sites like Google and Wikipedia and they always give me sources and facts of vampires. As I read on and on for each character in the book, each of them have something very unique. I imagine how the characters look and shape their physical forms in my mind. I have the novel on an audiobook, so whenever a character speaks, their voices change tone. If a female character is brought up in the book, then a high pitch voice will be heard. If a male character is introduced in the book, a low pitched manly voice will be heard. This is what keeps me entertained,when the book is being read to me, it preforms a little plays in my head. This particular novel is very long. Since I have a short attention span, I take little breaks so that I don't either fall asleep or find something that is more interesting. The scenes in each chapter have something interesting about them. I would be interested in learning even more about vampires, including Dracula.

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  1. Good post, Sabrina! And funny meme!

    You say a lot of things are "interesting." Can you give us examples and explain why?