Sunday, July 13, 2014

Journal-Entry for Dracula

      When I first heard the word Dracula in movies or others media , I felt like curious to know that character because it sounds powerful and scary. Then I watched him in many version movies and I started to understand why he used that scary name. I found he had a large contribution in movies, books, newspapers and so on. Back in the day, Dracula became a famous character in the world. Since I assigned to read Dracula's book until now, I became more interested about horror scenes in those chapters. While reading the novel, I felt like learning more about this character. I learned that Dracula as a man prossessed of a dark and evil soul. He had the ability to transform to an animal, and controled the weather. He remained more powerful than twenty men, but he was powerless by the daylight.
      I found like difficult and sometimes confusing to understand and catched the whole idea through almost each scene. Even though I found the novel sometimes confusing, but there are always some interesting parts in those chapters to keep us connected to an atmosphere of reading. In order to avoid certain confusion in the reading, I sometimes used my hot or online dictionnaries for many vocabulary words to make myself clear of many parts in the novel. I made a schedule to read the novel. I sometimes read at school, on the train, on city bus and at the park in order to cover the maximum reading of the novel. I tried different strategies to connect with the novel while reading it. I used certain methods as annotating, highlighting or  underlining important ideas, events, and plots on many chapters and identify them on the margin of the book by some relative notes.  At home, I sometimes used my bed room or kitchen as quiet places for reading. While reading, I enjoyed to have a snack and trying to avoid some heavy foods to make me fall asleep during this time. I intended to continue the reading process to the end of the novel.

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  1. Good post! Now let's get some of those details we discussed in class!