Saturday, July 12, 2014

Journal entry for Dracula

The novel Dracula is a very interesting and complex. It can open your eyes to the world of science fiction novels. Dracula is an interesting character and you can get a good insight of the issues that were taking place, during the time period the novel was written. Initially, I was really intimidated by the number of pages that were in the novel and thought it wasn’t interesting. I tried to read the novel on train home and would fall a sleep with the novel in my hand. It was a really struggle to read the novel. I created a reading schedule that I never was able to stick with. I had childhood memories of Dracula but one day I decide to research the history of the character Dracula. The information that I obtained was very interesting and it got me to read the novel more.
            After a few weeks of reading the novel, I developed a better understanding of the novel. When reading a chapter from the novel, I would look closely at every paragraph. I would ask myself, what is this paragraph trying to say? I then would look for parts that I thought were very important so I could get a better understanding of the reading. I used this technique to help me to better understand the texts. I also annotated by highlighting the text. I analyzed quotes that were thought provoking and tried to connect other texts to the ideas that were being present in the novel. This gave me a chance to look at quotes from many different angles and allowed me to see if there were any correlations between the texts.



  1. I agree with you, when I first got the book, I was like, nope I am not gonna read this book, I know I'm not. But as I read more about him, I became very intrigued with how Dracula acts when he is around people and how he is when he seeks what he wants.

  2. You're right it may be hard to start reading a book with that many pages, but as soon as you start you don't look back because of how fascinating the story is.

  3. After I read your post, I feel like reading all Dracula's novels. That is interesting.

  4. This is a cool picture of Dracula I thought that it was the original before reading Dracula

  5. If you found the novel interesting, how it is that you were falling asleep on it?

    1. I think logic meant that he fell asleep at first, but once he got into it more, he was interested ;-)

      Good post, logic! But I'm not sure why you included that pic? Is that the cover of your edition?