Thursday, July 10, 2014

Journal Entry, Dracula

Dracula is the type of novel that is very complex but with time and patience it's easy to understand. By understanding Dracula I had to first remember what I already knew about Dracula. By remembering what my understanding of what Dracula is after reading the book, it added to my knowledge of Dracula. Dracula became a more appealing topic to me and I could see the connection it had to why I love watching vampire movies and horror in general. There were some parts in Dracula that other horror movies had and thats where those horrific tales started. I didn't view Dracula as an inspiration at first , I thought he was just evil. The parts I found that were confusing, I broke down the terms into bits and pieces. While reading Dracula, I thought of quotes from scenes that I felt would help me out in my essay. I annotated by highlighting the quote on my pdf version, and I analyzed it by asking questions and I answered it in my own words by using my explanation of what I thought it  was trying to say, also how its relevant so I don't forget. I read in quiet areas such as; the bus, on the LIRR, morning, night, on walks and I also ask family members of their ideas also of quotes I can't make sense of. I also go to, or google search certain words and I try to add the missing pieces. Before I use to take notes because I was taught not to write in the books, but I feel it helps a lot. All the notes are there and I don't have to remember what my thought was at the moment I read it because I jot it down. I also pretend to imagine the characters face while i'm reading so I can imagine more of what they look like. This helps me relate to the characters better and also the description of the characters make me think of people I know. To make the reading more interesting I act out the roles of the character to feel how was it like for them in whatever situation they were in. While I was reading Dracula when I got bored and tired of the novel I took mini breaks and went back with an open mind. This helped me a lot because I was still interested in the novel. After a while I started to get into the action parts of the novel. A problem with reading the  novel was that, the hard copy of the book would of been better then the pdf version on the small Ipod screen. Since Dracula turns into a bat in the novel, I labeled the picture dissecting Dracula which is a metaphor for how I broke down the novel.
Dissecting Dracula
(this is a metaphor for Dracula the novel by Bram Stoker)


  1. I like your blog, you have many creative ways of gathering your ideas and thoughts when reading a novel. I might have to borrow some of your ideas and thoughts when read complex novels in the future.

  2. That makes sense, I agree with you. Your picture is very interesting up here.

  3. Great journal! But remember that new paragraphs should be started whenever you introduce a new subject, such as when you start discussing your annotations.

    Also like the idea of "dissecting" Dracula, but why didn't you include a picture with THOSE labels?.

  4. well because I don't have the program to edit it like that