Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Jonathan Harker's Journal

             On May 3rd Bristitz , left Municha at 8:35pm, On may 1st, he walks on the soil of Vienna the next morning. Harker was late because of an hour train delay; he should have been there from 6:46. Buda-Pesth was a beautiful place that fascinated him after just walking a little through the place. He didn’t want to walk far because he was already late and wanted to start on time.
            The impression Harker had of the west could be seen in the architecture of the bridges in the East. He saw nice bridges over the Danube. The Danube had width and depth, which took them among the traditions of Turkish rule.
            They left at a decent time and got Klausenburgh after dark. Harker got to  Hotel Royale where he spent the night. They survived chicken soup with different colored peppers for dinner. Harker found the soup to be delicious and asked the waiter for the name of it. The waiter told him the name of the soup was “paprika Hendl”, which was a national dish. It was made any where along the Carpathians.

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