Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Jonathan Harker's Journal May 4

    In Jonathan Harker's diary, he writes on may 4 about his experience at the Golden Crone Hotel which Count Dracula has instructed him to stay at while he waits for the carriage to arrive which will take him to the Count's castle. After learning that the landlords received a letter containing money for Jonathan's stay and a note instructing them to save a place for Jonathan on the carriage, the owner and his wife act distant and nervous, and it is implied that they no what evils inhabit Dracula's castle.
    As Jonathan is about to leave, the landlord's wife tries to persuade him not to go. She tells him it is St. George's day, which is when evil things are the most powerful. She suggests that he at least wait another day to go. However, Jonathan refuses and insists that he go, stating that he has important business to attend to. The lady then hands him a rosary with a cross attached to it. Although he finds the gift pointless, he accepts it, since he feels it would be rude to deny it. As he admits the whole situation made him feel uneasy, he says goodbye to Mina in his journal, and he realizes the carriage is approaching.


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  1. This isn't bad, Aaron, but you're writing in 3rd person AND offering your interpretation of events--which is odd :-/