Tuesday, July 1, 2014

“Imagination of Disaster”

Susan Sontag
The article “Imagination of Disaster” by Susan Sontag discusses that our fantasy imagination takes us to a place that numbs us from the reality of terror, real or anticipated. It distracts us from unbearable pains. Fantasy in science fiction makes the world look good but it is neutralizing it. People who perceive a disaster as a fantasy can release themselves from normal obligations.
             Science Fiction films are widely considered to be one of the most successful of the popular art form. The films are about disaster and not about science. Sensuous details are provided by the films and were created from unsuccessful novels. Science fiction films are one of the purest forms that don’t involve another persons feeling.
            In the 1950’s science fiction films had family oriented themes. The older films and comics were significant but also had an innocent connection to disaster. In science fiction films the scientist is usually viewed as a devil and Savior. Science has been viewed as magic and has been used the wrong way. Sontag states that man always knew that there were black magic and white magic and that science fiction films are overlapped with horror films. She also explains that the films also consist of strong moralistic values that teach the proper use of science by humans, verses the mad, obsessive use of  science.
Question 4
           Back to the Future is a 1985 contemporary science fiction film that challenges Susan Sontag’s argument. The film is about Marty McFly who helps his friend Doc Brown (a scientist) and was taken back in time by Doc Brown’s time machine. Marty McFly was a boy from the 1980’s who had to come to the realization of being in the1950’s. He tries to get his young parents in the 50’s to fall in love again so that he can fix the damage that has been done already by his present actions. Sontag’s view seems more generalized than factual in most cases. Sontag claims, “science fiction films are not about science. They are about disaster.” I disagree with Sontag quote, Back to the Future is a prefect example of a film that had an scientific ideas that were implemented by Doc brown and a mishap took place that sent Marty Mcfly back in time. He has to try and go back to his rightful place in time. I feel that the film didn’t consist of disastrous moments but had more moments that involved problem solving.  


  1. Great post, logic. I agree that sci-fi has branched out from Sontag's days. However, I think contemporary sci-fi disaster/invasion films still fit the bill as she laid it out :-)

  2. It seems like a lot of the sentences was taken from the article itself but I like that you used back to the future as a point to argue Sontag idea. Nice job :)