Sunday, July 13, 2014

Homi's journal, July 13

Homi’s journal,

           I don’t really know why I've never read Dracula before. Knowing and being interested in Dracula and in the vampire myth (myth’s in general), thinking about it now I find it kind of weird that I've never read the novel that influenced a lot of today's vampire stories and horror films. Usually when I read Dracula, I read it at home. Before reading anything, especially when I’m going to read multiple chapters at once, I get a bottle of water and a snack. To be able to actually focus on what I’m reading, my room needs to be really cool, and most of the time I read laying down or sitting Indian style on my bed. I don’t normally read on electronic devices, because it’s annoying, and I hate annotating online, but I decided to do so for Dracula because it was free, and who doesn't like free school books (especially in college). NOTE: get physical copy of Dracula sometime soon. So Dracula being a Victorian novel, has a lot of difficult words and phrases, I didn't understand. An advantage of reading on Nook is that you are able to download the dictionary on it, and just tap on the word to get the definition. Another good thing that came from reading on the nook app, is that I can highlight the interesting, confusing, awesome, or scary parts of the novel, add my comments and feelings, and it saves it all in one place, so I don’t have to flip through a book to find it. On the flip side I don’t like it because I can’t actually see what I annotated until I tap on it. Even though the novel is hard to read and understand, I thought it was cool reading something from a different era and country, and seeing the way society worked back then. While reading Dracula I got to see how people treated and communicated with each other, especially how women were supposed to be so proper and what not, all I’m saying is I wouldn't stand for half the bullsxxx rules women had to live by.

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  1. This is the first time I am reading the Dracula novel even though I knew a little about this mythical character. While it probably did influence a lot of horror stories of modern times the idea of the "vampire" have changed. Perhaps that is why there is a new Dracula movie coming out soon.