Tuesday, July 8, 2014

We're All Intellectual

  Gerald Garfiff essay, Hidden Intellectualism, talks about how intellect shouldn't only be measured by whether you can write a five hundred word essay on how Shakespeare was the greatest playwright of his time. He mentions "street smarts" shouldn't been seen as anyone being less intellectual. In his childhood he learned "street smarts" as a mean to protect himself from other kids beating him up for being "book smart". He found his interest through sports, and as he felt he learned the basics of intellectual life through reading sports magazine and having conversations or arguments with people who disagree on the context of the subject. Here's how he proves his interests work : how to make an argument, weight different kinds of evidence, move between particulars and generalizations, summarize the view of others, and enter a conversation about ideas which is what we learn hen righting an essay.

 I feel I'm intellectual when it comes to logic as well as being naturally curious. When I'm really curious about something I research about the subject until it fulfills my thirst for knowledge or the span of my interest. The intellectualism of curiosity helps open new doors because you gain credibility to pass on your knowledge to others.
  When it comes to logic, I learn through observation. Observation and logic helps me to be analytical and figure out the most beneficial outcome which helps when it comes to scams, joining programs, whether a teachers way of teaching will benefit me and if not how I  can overcome that factor. Sometimes my analysis isn't always correct but for the most part it aided me to make many advancements in my everyday life, work life, relationships and academics.

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