Tuesday, July 8, 2014

" Hiddden Interllectualism"

            The article “Hidden Intellectualism” by Gerald Graff, discusses how intellectuals viewed young people who are “street smart” as less educated because they were unable to apply their street knowledge to the academic work. Schools should be held accountable for this division that exists between street smarts and book smarts. They separated academic intelligence from street smarts, not knowing that the street smart a youth would have a great intellectual potential if it’s combined with academics. The intellectuals have a narrow view, they considered subjects and texts as academics. They felt that subjects such as fashion, cars, dating, sports, TV or video games would make youths less intellectual (Graff 380).
            Graff goes on to explain that no real effort has ever been made in schools to connect the street intelligence of young people with the book intelligences. If this were to happen there would be better discussions in classrooms. Young people will be well rounded about various subjects. He believes that subjects and texts have there place in challenging a student to become an intellectual but it should not block them from making a connection with their street intelligence.
            Graff talks about his own personal experience growing up in Chicago around a diverse race and class of people. He switched between his “street smarts” and his book smarts as a way for him to get through the day without getting robbed for his lunch money. In his neighborhood he had to maintain a “hood” persona and a “clean cut” persona in order to survive daily. He was very intellectual about the pop culture of his time. He was more into sports magazines than he was with novels, until he went to college. Later on, after furthering his education and becoming a Professor, he realized that connections could be made between nonacademic and academic intelligence. He states that the commixture of academics doesn’t promise that all students will be successful but it will make them more literate and reflective individuals than they were initially. 
             I feel that I'm more intellectual now than I was before when it come to music. I always remembered songs but never took interest in finding out the name of the artist or band. I'm more knowledgeable about artists and different genres of music. I can instantly tell people the names of artists anytime I hear a song.