Saturday, July 12, 2014

Dracula journal entry

Dracula is a very interesting and fun book to read and opens the door to something so mysterious. The book gives me a better insight of what type of a character Dracula really is. I like this particular novel because I feel it is relatively easy to understand. I know the book is fiction, but the way it was written (journal entries and letters) it feels like it might have been real. The places I read the novel Dracula is usually at home while lying down and relaxing on my bed or at my computer desk next to a computer so that I can look up references or words I fully don’t comprehend. If I’m at school I usually go to the library and open up the book and start reading. When I am on the road and away from home/school I usually pull out the book on the train or bus and start reading, especially on a flight where I have enough time to read. Many times while reading Dracula there are words I don’t understand or confusing bits or a text that needs further explanation or comments, therefore I annotate. I annotate because it is a great way to organize content I read and easily go back to it and recall general themes, concepts, or plot. I usually start my annotating by highlighting important ideas or events, but when the text is too long to highlight I just use brackets to single out important paragraphs. I also, after every chapter write a short summary in my notes that sums up everything the chapter was speaking about in terms of important ideas that were discussed. I do this because when I am going on to the next chapter I want to refresh my mind of the important events that occurred in the previous chapter, so I just go back to my notes and see what the important ideas in that chapter was.
Dracula painting by Tom Carlton

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  1. This all sounds great, Nathan!

    But can you get more detailed? What are some words you had to look up? What are some lines you bracketed? Can you give us an example of one of your summaries?