Tuesday, July 8, 2014


The professor stared at the grave. He did not cry because he did not like Lucy. He told me, "Remain till I return," and he got ready to leave the room. Soon, the professor return back with a bunch of wild galic and keeps it in the basket in the hall, but it stayed closed, and put some flowers on and all around the bed. He covered her mouth with his gold crucifix. He placed the sheet where it belong to, and we move away. I went to my room for changing my clothes, during this time a visitor knock at the door, he started to talked after he got in. "I need from you a set of postmorten knives., by tomorrow." "Is it possible for a necropsy?" I questioned. "Possible. I would like to make an operation, but different than you expect. Seriously, I want to tell you. I would like to separate the head and the heart from her body. Yeah! you are a chirurgian, and might freak you out, and I observed with no hand shaking or heart, operations about life and death may required the shiver. Oh, I should reminber that my best friend John loved her; I could remember it, before the time is gone then I should give my help. To night, I wanted to started even though Arthur doesnt like it, he is going to be free tomorror after the funeral. He probably may want to see her. another time. Finally , after she is conffined and got ready for tomorrow, we could enter after everyone is falling asleep. We needed to take out all the screws the coffin-lid, and could we started the operation;  and then released them, and so nobody would know, let we stayed together."
"Why not once at a time? She is not alive. Why do we have to operate her" And if the postmortem was not important we did not need to do it- it was not necessary for her, for us, for science, for human knowledge- do we have to do it?- without which it could be horrible." Soon, he placed his hand on my shoulder to talked with a great kindness.


  1. This scene was just creepy. Just insanely creeping . Yea, Lucy had to have her head chopped off and heart taken out of her, but it is for a purpose. Yea, this scence gave me the chills

  2. Great paraphrase, Ymer! But you underline too much in your annotations! It can't ALL be important ;-)