Sunday, July 13, 2014

Dracula- The beginning

Dear Journal,
So at first I was skeptical about reading Dracula. Why? Because books that aren't written in modern English is so freaking annoying, like Shakespeare. And even though I didn't know much about Dracula, like I had written in a previous blog, I know that he was nothing like the vampires that I enjoy watching today. I also didn't want to read the book because I didn't want to buy the book because I would never read it on my own time outside of school. But once I found out it was free online, I said, okay and it was also required. At first, I read SparkNotes to get a gist of the book. After reading the summary and analysis, I thought to myself, "hmm, this seems interesting." I find it most uncomfortable to read the Dracula PDF on my iPhone's browser. I downloaded it onto my laptop but then a peer told me about the Nook app and I find it much easier to read it on there. I like to read in my bed, which is where I like to do everything because it is ever so comfortable. I also enjoy reading on the train on my way to school. I really like the Nook app because you can highlight as you read, add a note and also look up words you don't know. Which is more than convenient because there are more than enough words that I never even heard of. I do think I was pretty lazy while reading this, but in general, I am a procrastinator. Something I have to work on. I just can't wait to finish the novel because I don't know what theme I want to look at as yet because I feel like the entire class will pick sexism, I mean it is the easiest. I also want to know how it ends because I think I have a clue but the obvious is usually always wrong, but when you think that, the obvious is right. I don't know. I'll see.



  1. omg yes! reading books from other time periods are really hard to understand. But I find it interesting to read them, and its like a way to look into what the people of that time period were interested in.

  2. Good post! But what about annotations?

    Actually, I think sexism is the most difficult; it's the theme we've read the least about as a class. So while we've discussed it more in class, we haven't written much about it yet :-)