Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Dr. Seward's Diary-11 September.

Dr. Seward goes over to Van Helsing and finds him to be very happy and Lucy doing a bit better than she has been before. Later on Dr. Seward realizes Van Helsing has received a pack of flowers. Lucy was delighted to hear they were for her, but they weren't meant as a gift for her, rather they are medicines according to Van Helsing.  Helsing tells Lucy he will put them in the window and put a circular band of these flowers to make her sleep better. Lucy was disgusted when the smell of the flowers were of garlic. At this point Lucy thinks Helsing is playing some sort of game with her. Helsing seemed a little bit insulted as he rose up and said "I never joke!, everything I do is for a good purpose." Helsing later goes into Lucy's room and decorates the room with the garlic scent flowers. He made sure all the windows were shut tight and that every step you take, the smell of garlic will run through your nose. Helsing made Lucy wear a band of the flowers. These actions by Van Helsing certainly had Dr. Seward all confused. Helsing goes in to Lucy's room while she is in bed and tells her "whatever you do, do not open the winow or the door."


  1. I like this scene too, I also remember in the novel it said Lucy liked the smell of garlic towards the end of chapter 11, maybe that part showed she still had human consciousness consciousness in her.

  2. You are right, this scene is interested. Even though I did pick another one from the same chapter, I also like this one.

  3. Not a bad post, but Jack doesn't write in 3rd person ;-)