Thursday, July 24, 2014

Dalphee Champagne

BE Smart Don’t Be A Wreck

For my with the essay #3, the reference that I used is Propaganda in the Helping Profession”, by Eileen Gambrill. The way she define propaganda in clear and precise language that gives me more understanding of the article. The article that I use is Propaganda: How not to be Bamboozled” by Donna Woolfolk Cross.

 First, Gambrill asks this question what Propaganda is, and why we should care. Propaganda is biased information to shaped public opinion and behavior. It is power depends on; message, technique, and means of communication. And could use as; truth, half-truth and lies.


Our leaders use Donna Woolfolk Cross and Eileen Gambrill basically every day basic in our daily life. Not just leaders, friends, family members, colleagues, etc... Even ourselves using propaganda to get what we want. What is the message Donna Woolfolk Cross and Eileen Gambrill are trying to point out and how to be aware of propaganda whenever it presenting to us? But Gambrill asks this question,

 For example Gambrill gives several examples, Propaganda ploys are used to influence the choices we make that while giving us the illusion that we freely make these choices. Taking Paxil to decrease anxiety. It seems like we are doing things that look to be true but in reality we are doing thing that have been told to do. Which remind me what we did in class yesterday, about ‘Feminism” which stands for the ability to choose your life regales of. Donna Woolfolk Cross and Eileen Gambrill, all of the messages these two trying to point across is to be smart not a wreck when propaganda presenting to us whether in a positive or negative because either way propaganda has side effect in everyday in our daily livings; could be used for good or evil.





  1. This looks like a good academic source, but where did it come from? Where's your Works Cited entry?

  2. I didn't understand who you meant by our leaders? Of the Country?