Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Dracula hahahahh

Dalphee Champagne

Prof. Ben. Villarreal

English 24

12 July 2014

For the first time I heard about Dracula, honestly speaking was the most frightening moment in my life. What have known is that Dracula is a vampire. From what people said, I have found Dracula very disgusted because he drink food and feed on human flesh. After reading the novel written about Dracula, it is the most famous vampire throughout films history. Dracula novel was first published in 1897 as Bram. Take place during Victorian era in the reign of Queen Victoria. It has become so popular in television and have become part of human life. Why do we enclave these horror movies? Is because they please our unsatisfied feelings and use them as our comfort zone to express our desires. The book of Dracula or the movie tells us about the Victorian society which was focus more on rules and sex. For example; men of that era, the author describe the character of men to be strong, protective and able to take care of their families. And most importantly afraid of women to become sexually independent that was their night mares. But Dracula being able to act without consequences without applying the rules, for Victorian era that was a big problem and big deals for not following the rules there are negative consequences end up to happened. We can related, because our society shape our ways of livings and gives it different meaning. The society express how to live, the rules of what to do, how to behave. By watching these movies they have fulfill our deepest, nastiest pleasure. We see pop culture still sending us these kind of messages bcause we act according to what the society have to offer cannot be truly ourselves. We have found Dracula as the sexiest at on television. To read this book, I have used some technics and most significant tools helpful with the novel of Dracula. It is a long reading. Some Important keys or concept that could be helpful for effective notes.
Which allows you to put on your own term and make it easier to understandings.
Go over the notes until I understand and can interpret it in my own language. Review High lighting important notes, thing that might be helpful for your study. Annotating and summarize in your own words, underling, research words that are unfamiliar to you until you have familiarized yourself with those words. And from now and then I would take a little break of 15-20 minutes, have some snacks so that I do not get bored and the best place I have found to be on my comfort zone is my bedroom to read this book. It is the most quiet room in my place.

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  1. This is looking okay, Dalphee! Just be sure to proofread carefully, and add some details to your reading process. How do you decide what to annotate? What are parts you had to reread?