Thursday, July 10, 2014

Class Paraphrase of Essay #2 Assignment and Weekend Blogging

Here's our class paraphrase of the Essay #2 assignment sheet to make sure we understand what the assignment is asking and practice paraphrasing and using our everyday language in academic writing:
The reason for this portfolio is to practice analyzing a difficult reading in a way that feels a’ight. In this section, you’re not trying to prove a point with your topic. You will write, as a journal entry, how you read and understood the novel. The point of this journal entry is to show how you connect with the novel – what you’re doing while reading, where you read, how you make sense of confusing parts, etc. – and try some new ways.

Bring in two articles and relate them to a common idea in the novel. Don’t forget to summarize the articles but also show what we learn about the novel and the people that read it at the time.

Then do research on a reference used in the novel. Find a text relating to that reference and show how it fits into the novel.

At the end, write another journal about how this helped you get the idea of the book.

To finish it off we’ll use our personal blogs, team demonstrations, in-class work and join them together to create ideas and text for your essay. Feel free to pick any subject of your choice. You may also choose any other essay we did not read in our Reading Pop Culture book. Keep in mind this can be used in future work. So choose wisely!
For this weekend's homework, try to read through Chapter XX in Dracula. To continue working on Essay #2, draft the first journal entry for your portfolio, remembering to include a picture (before class on Monday), and comment on someone else' post (before Tuesday).

Questions? Quibbles? Controversies?

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