Sunday, July 20, 2014

Britain vs. the world

During the Victorian Era, Britain was viewed as the greatest nation at the time and everywhere else was viewed as "uncivilized." So, a lot of Gothic novels at the time often took place in foreign countries. Nobody wanted Britain to be viewed as a place where bad things were happening. In Dracula, Bram Stoker set the location for the Count's castle in Transylvania, Romania. Which brings me to my reference, Transylvania. In 1895, a British administrator was supposed to raid Transylvania at the border but his efforts were stopped because he got caught. According to Stephen Shapiro, "Germany's manufacturing success came from its better implementation of new technologies, forms of corporate management and financing, pacification of its working-class as a result of institutionalized public insurance and health care." This could partially be why Bram Stoker chose to have Dracula's castle to be in Transylvania because Germany was in alliance with the Kingdom of Hungary, which was an enemy of Britain. Since vampires were viewed as evil at the time and having the Count be from Transylvania, Bram Stoker will make it seem like everyone from Transylvania and surrounding regions.

Dracula's castle in Transylvania.


  1. Hidden subliminal messages That is a good therory on why Bram Stoker chose to put Dracula in Transylvania.. good post

  2. Also Stoker might have pick Transylvania because it was so remote and in ruins, it plays into the Gothic theme.

  3. That makes sense, propaganda for the population to make them think that foreigners are evil.