Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Are Woman Today Too Sexy ?

For the third essay, I will be discussing more on how women who display themselves as sex objects who show their bodies rather there self worth is wrong. One of my secondary sources will be coming from the website The title of the article is called, "5 Ways Our Society Unfairly Punishes Women For Their Sexuality" by Tara Culp Ressler. This article goes in depth on how women are suppose to cover up their bodies and that they are being punished for their sexuality. The writer is trying to get across is that women were meant to show the image of modesty and being well mannered, rather then being the complete opposite. The writer points out 5 different ways women are downgraded for their sexuality.That women are more likely to get fired for having sex outside of marriage, young women are blamed for our teen pregnancy rate, girls and women are responsible for avoiding men's gaze by covering up their bodies, women's access to basic health care services is consistently called into question, and once women give their consent, they're not allowed to withdraw it. 

This article is a good source for my topic on women's sexuality because it talks about how women are suppose to be and how they are suppose to act. Ressler explains women need to remain elegant and nice. As women were described back then, they were always dependent on the man to make the money, or go get the job, or do manly things. While the women would stay home and take care of the children and be a housewife. Unlike today, women are more empowered to do as they pleased. Women can walk around with there head held up high and have confidence. But some people are still caught up in the old times where women were just their in the shadows.

Work Cited 
"5 Ways Our Society Unfairly Punishes Women For Their Sexuality." Web. 10 February 2014 


  1. Good stuff here, Sabrina! But I'm unsure how you're going to use it in your essay. What exhibit will you be analyzing with it?

    And don't forget to include the author in your Works Cited entry!

    PS Now you just need a naysayer and scholarly source :-)

  2. Which side are you taking? Do you agree that modesty is counterproductive to freedom, or do you think the two an coexist?

  3. I agree with Aaron. My thoughts while reading this is what is our opinion on the topic and how you will work this into your essay?