Sunday, July 27, 2014

Analyze This -- Social Sciences

In Chapter 14, "Analyze This", in They Say/ I Say, Erin Ackerman discusses writing which lead towards socializing with our peers on a certain topic. Social writing has been brought up in class and in our essays when we go in depth on our subject and show our opinions if we agree or disagree with the author's statement. When we agree or disagree with the author's statement, we are bringing in the "I say" part into our text. We also have to let another person show their ideas on what you have to say. While stating our claim, we have to let the reader say what they have to say in response to what the writer says. If you don't let the reader express his/her views, you'll lose credibility and it makes your statement seem bias. For example, if you're discussing with friends about alcohol abuse in the United States and only explain your ideas while not letting them share their thoughts on the matter, it'll seem that only your thoughts matter, not theirs. Whenever you are sharing your thoughts on an idea, you have to let people share their thoughts as well. 

I think that I can use social science in ENG 24 and on a everyday bases. Whenever people discuss on arguable topics like who should have won the World Cup or what would you bring to survive a zombie apocalypse,  you can discuss your side on how did should have been and also let another person show their claim. While writing an essay, while discussing how you feel about the author's statement, you should also let the reader that is your text say something as well.  It will make your essay look reasonable and it will also show who actually cares about what you have to say.


  1. True. Not allowing the other person to put his/her input into the conversation is defeating the whole purpose of a conversation, it turns into like a one way convo. Nobody wants to hear one talk without being able to put their own point of view.

  2. But how can use ENG 24 in the social sciences, Sabrina?! That was the question! Also, your title's plagiarized :-P