Sunday, June 29, 2014

What you probably already knew about vampires.

There are many types of vampires but from what I know from pictures, Dracula wears a black cape and has sharp fangs who feed off of blood. As far as I know vampires are undead creatures who leave there grave at night and drink blood of the living by biting their necks with their pointy teeth. They are mythical beings who live off of the blood of living creatures. As blood is their only food source, failing to drink blood for an extended period of time will physically and mentally weaken a vampire. Vampires are immortal, and are vulnerable to sunlight. Vampires will either die or severely burnt if exposed to sunlight except in the movie “Twilight”, where a vampire’s skin would sparkle if exposed to sunlight. Sunlight, garlic, and wooden stakes are some other methods used to hurt the vampires, because of its weakness to them. Vampire’s skin is usually described as “chalky” and is very pale. Vampires rest during the day because they do not mix well with daylight very well, and hunt all night looking for their next victim, and once somebody is bit by a vampire, they themselves turn into one. Vampires sleep in coffin because there is absolutely no light. Vampires would never walk on holy ground, because vampires are the undead from hell and anything holy like crosses or holy water scares them because they are not immune to it.


  1. I really agree with the things you said. I forgot that vampires slept in coffins. I also forgot about Twilight vampires that when they are in the sun, they sparkle. Nice picture too