Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Visualization of fears

 There were always been monsters. They live as long as the living organisms.
Every living thing has feelings. The stronger feeling is fear. The instincts activate the fear. That's simply is the protection mechanism of your body. It detects the threat and let's you know about it by producing some sort of hormones. So, even less intelligent creatures are fearful. Their feelings are brighter, because they do not analyze. They just feel with no thoughts. Instincts lead their mood.
 Humans are visualizing their fears. They imagine vampires, demons, wild beasts, zombies etc. These monsters would as long as the life itself.
 Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan in their article "Why Vampires Never Die" write about why vampires are so popular, what do they represent, the mutation of vampires over centuries and incarnation that people have.
 The most famous vampire, Dracula, was created by Bram Stoker. The describe the popularity of Dracula. Stoker's character became so famous because of the technological advantage of that time.
 Vampires are usually associated with attractiveness, immortality, bloodlust. There is something romantic in vampires that attracts people. However, vampires were described differently back then, as they are now. Before they were horrible creatures, often with wings, hunting men spreading terror. People were really afraid of them. Now people admire vampires and there are million of kids wanting to be vampires.

 Question # 4
Another cultural manifestation of my nightmares could be Nazgul from "Lord of the rings". Nazgul are servers of Sauron. Nazgul have no will of their own. They just obey their master. They ride black horses or dragons. They wear long robes with hood which covers all their faces. This is tougher than vampires, I guess. It is, almost, impossible to kill a Nazgul, either there's no way to fight them. They know no mercy, because they obey an order. They're not even humans. They're not even alive.
 Another horror monster that I find compelling is Gargouille. Gargouilles are often guards of hell or any other evil construction. They are literally made from stone. They're statues, so they're hard to detect. They usually attack from behind, when you don't expect it. Also, it's hard to fight them, because they turn into stone whenever they like. Gargouille are also chasing those who escape hell. You cannot run from Gargouille.


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