Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Vampires, Superheroes of Today

        In an excerpt of the story of "Why Vampires Never Die", Guillermo Del Toro and Chuck hogan 
describe the vampire as an hero who creates to live forever. In the same current idea, they present vampire 
as an undead  monster. The immortality of the vampire that is elaborated by them  is later connected to the 
Polidori's study. Entertainment was one of the significant causes the authors' provided to support their 
argument. In order to make their points, they provided many examples where the vampires are contributing
in TV Shows, movies, and books. They refer to the dragon as timeless creatures in order to present the 
everlasting life of the vampires. They ended up to many good point from the study of the vampires. As a 
result the definition of "Why Vampires Never Die". 

      From our nightmares we sometimes develop certain kind of fears and become scare something that does not even exist. I believe that the fact of afraid of something may consider a big issue to our lives. For 
example, a nightmare that we experienced with water may have certain impact to us even after waking up. The best way to be free from that situation is to wake up.  
      As imaginative horrors we may see as something pleasant and seductive to us, for example a movie that we were waiting for is available at the movie's theater.  

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